Season of the Seraph More Than a Weapon Week 3 Story Walkthrough

Season of the Seraph More Than a Weapon Week 3 Story Walkthrough

The last few weeks of More Than a Weapon i Fate 2 has helped set the stage for an impressive third week of storylines for Season 19. Aside from collecting submind data to recover Rasputin, players have also been trying to gain access to an orbital station that will allow Rasputin to regain control of the Warsat network once he is restored.

The objective for this part of More Than a Weapon also ties in with the Exotic quest for Revision Zero, so players interested in getting this brand new weapon will want to do this week’s story quest. Here’s how players can complete Week 3 of More Than a Weapon and get Revision Zero.


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Talk to Clovis


As always, the first step in week 3 is for Fate 2 players to go to HELM and interact with the Exo Frame to talk to Clovis Bray. He is happy to announce that the launch codes for the orbital elevator have been decoded, but before any attempt to take the orbital station can be made he needs more submind data.

Unlock a Seraph chest


To continue, Fate 2 players must upload the Hesit Battleground Playlist and loot the Seraph Chest at the end with Seraph Key Codes. It costs 500 Seraph Keycodes to open the chest. If players don’t have enough Seraph Key Codes to open the chest, they can easily get more by completing a couple of activities in one of the three core playlists.

Once players have looted the chest, they must return to HELM and use the Holoprojector near the Exo Frame. The Exo Stranger explains the operation to board the Orbital Station and upload a virus to it. After she finishes speaking, players will also get the quest to get Revision Zero. Both missions take place in the same area, in a new exotic mission called Operation: Seraph’s Shield.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield


When you load into Operation: Seraph’s Shield from the Director, Fate 2 players will have two options. They can either load into the Normal version or the Legend version. Although there are no Champions in the Legend version, it is set up just like the Legendary Campaign for Witch Queen, so players must prepare for a tough mission. For both More Than a Weapon and getting Revision Zero, it doesn’t matter what difficulty the players choose.

This mission can be tough, so players who just want to complete the story should consider bringing a team. This is especially the case if they choose to do Legend difficulty. This mission begins just like the operations of the previous weeks. Fate 2 players must cross the open terrain to reach the facility. As before, they must stay out of sight of the towers and move towards the entrance to the facility.


Operation: Seraph’s Shield has many similarities to the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Aside from having the same visual design and stun, players must pick up Augments that allow them to see terminals that can be interacted with, and panels that can be shot. Right inside the facility, players will learn to use the first Augment called Scanner.

In the room where the players get the Scanner buffet, look around for three hackable terminals. Once all terminals have been hacked, more pods will come down and players will be able to use them to go up into the orbital station. After taking a moment to appreciate the view, move on and use the Scanner cache to hack terminals and open locked doors.


Sometimes players will come across doors that can only be opened by inserting the Augment into the terminal. If players accidentally lose their Augment, have it disabled, or use it to open a door, they can get another one as the enemy carrying it will respawn regularly to prevent players from getting stuck. Fate 2 players must look around for vents to enter some of the rooms that have hackable terminals.

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How to complete the microwave room puzzle


Not long into the mission, players will encounter a room with a nasty trap. Simply walking into the terminals triggers a trap that kills all players in the room. To get through this room alive, players must use the Scanner Augment to look for a safe way through the trap, while also identifying which terminals need to be hacked to open the door on the other side and disable the death trap.

There are two windows that give the players a view of the room. The one at the top allows players with the Scanner Augment to see which terminals are safe to hack. The one on the bottom allows players with the Scanner Augment to see which tiles are safe to stand on and which will result in instant death.


The idea behind this puzzle is for one player to navigate through the room while the other two players guide them on where the safe path is and which terminals need to be activated. Attempting to bring the Scanner Augment into this room results in it being disabled. For solo players who may struggle to remember the safe path and which terminals to use, consider taking a screenshot to have this information readily available.

The terminals that need to be hacked change each time players complete this mission, so be sure to check before entering the room.

Operator Augment


After making it through the room with the trap, players will encounter another Augment they must deal with. This is called Operator and allows the user to see panels that can be destroyed by shooting them. These panels will open doors and vents, and provide access to rooms that have terminals that can be hacked by a player with the Scanner Augment. To continue, players must continue until they kill an enemy that drops a Warsat Control Nexus Keycard.

Get “caught”


Exo Stranger soon runs into a locked door that she can’t help players get past. So she comes up with an idea for players to be captured by Eramis’ forces. Before players can do that, they must cause ruckus by fighting a large Hive boss and then killing all the House of Salvation reinforcements that enter the room. This area is a respawn restricted zone, so players must be careful.

After clearing the enemies out, players must move forward and approach a window where a bunch of enemies are watching them. A message to “surrender” weapons will pop up, and Fate 2 players cannot proceed until they do so. The nearby Servitor teleports them to the enemy ship, and then the Exo Stranger transfers weapons back to the players. Activate several nearby terminals, continue forward and prepare to take a small walk outside the orbital station.

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Outside the Seraph Station


When players exit the Ketch, they will find themselves in the vacuum of space. To return to Seraph Station, Fate 2 players must jump over a series of platforms along the side of the station. During this part, enemies will sneak up on them, so it’s recommended to have a long-range weapon equipped to deal with them.

Near the end of this platforming section, players will find the Operator Augment. There are three shootable panels that open up more platforms. This allows players to jump back to the station. Just after this point, players will fight the big Hive Knight from earlier.

Suppresses the amplifier


Just before the end of this mission, players will encounter a Servitor that they cannot harm. There are also several drones hovering in the air and an enemy that has an Augment called the Suppressor. Stand under each drone and fire at the Servitor. This opens a door leading to a device that generates the shield on the Servitor. Destroy it and then destroy the Servitor.

Defeat Practice


Fate 2 players who have completed Beyond Light The campaign will recognize a familiar face when they enter the Warsat Control Nexus. To complete the mission, players must defeat a Scorn version of Praksis. A lot of taunts spawn throughout this match so be careful as they can freeze players with Stasis abilities.

Whenever Praksis loses 33% health, he will gain a shield. The only way to get the shield down is by getting the Suspressor Augment and shooting him while standing under each drone. Doing so will open three doors to the left, right, and center of the room containing shield generators. Destroy the shield generators and Praksis will lose his shield. Repeat this process until Praksis dies, then proceed to the nearby room to load up the virus and complete the mission.

Interact with Exo Frame


After the mission ends, return to HELM and talk to Clovis Bray. He is happy to hear that the mission was a success, but he admits that Rasputin is not yet ready to be uploaded to the station. This is where the quest ends for this week and players will have to wait until next week to continue the story.

Fate 2 is now available on the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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