Screenshot Saturday Mondays: ghosts, Midwest mall goth and stylish violence

Screenshot Saturday Mondays: ghosts, Midwest mall goth and stylish violence

Every weekend, indie developers showcase their current work on Twitter #screenshot Saturday keywords. And every Monday I give you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by ghosts, Midwest mall goth, immersive sim object stuffing, and a whole lot of stylish violence.

I remain extremely interested in the appearance of the ghostly twin-stick shooter Hauntii (coming to Steam):

I can see why you might think the early work in progress has Kingdom Hearts fashion, but no, it’s Hot Topic mall goth. The developer has described it have described this game as “a Souls-like set in the American Midwest”, and I think there’s a subtle but important difference between that aesthetic and Kingdom Hearts, the energy drinks:

I try not to post the same game too often, but after last week I urged immersive sim Spectra to make their new cigarette machines interactive (and I really liked the suggestion by RPS commenter “poliovaccine” that cigarettes in immersive sims should be a social currency that lets you engage in conversation with smokers), it would be irresponsible if I didn’t follow up and point out that yes, the developer has now made them dispense packs of subjects:

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Likewise, I can’t resist all these objects to tinker with in Interior Worlds:

Skeleton parrying FPS Voidborn (coming to Steam) looks extremely like my bag:

We continue the stylish violence with Godbeast Mk.II (coming to Steam), which has more GIFs to admire if you click through to the full tweet:

Ah go on then, let’s have one last touch of stylish violence, from VA Proxy (coming to Steam):

Okay, let’s have some mixed dual-wielding from the immersive sim-ish sneak-o-shooter Peripeteia (coming to Steam) too:

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I can’t resist water simulation, like in this demo dig from action-adventure RPG Alakenisland (out now in Steam Early Access):

Let’s finish with one of the simplest pleasures, a nice sunset from Theater – The Game (free beta available on Itch):

What else caught your eye this weekend, dear reader?

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