Ridiculous Stat Screen Highlights 85 Minute Overwatch 2 Match

Ridiculous Stat Screen Highlights 85 Minute Overwatch 2 Match

Overwatch 2 Arcade is a place for players to sit back, relax and enjoy some offbeat gameplay like racking up a hundred kills as Winston.

A game mode that can last well over an hour, Total Mayhem in Overwatch 2 is not everyone’s cup of tea, and a Overwatch the player shares the kind of stats screen one would expect if a Total Mayhem match lasts well above average. This game mode can be found in Overwatch 2 Arcade, and it has been a popular part of the franchise since the original Overwatch. While playing some games in the Arcade doesn’t always count toward completing weekly challenges Overwatch 2they are still a fun way to pass the time.


Total Mayhem in Overwatch 2 changes the usual fast-paced gameplay of a normal battle into a different kind of fast-paced. Abilities have 75% reduced cooldown and ultimates charge 50% faster. Heroes have their health doubled to compensate, but despite the change allowing it Overwatch 2 players to see some truly overpowered, unstoppable examples like Total Mayhem’s Zarya.

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The latest example of a prolonged Total Mayhem belongs to UGC_GoldHunter, who shared their match stats screen with official Overwatch 2 community on Reddit. In their team, consisting of three tanks and two supports, Winston stood out by a considerable margin. Killing 103 players, with 40 assists, and only 2 deaths is an absolutely dominant stat line regardless of game mode. While one could argue that Total Mayhem lacks balance to an almost ridiculous degree, the counterargument is that it is one corner of Overwatch 2 that the game is allowed to run amok, highlighting hero synergies that would otherwise be impossible in a normal match.

Players enter the Arcade for a Total Mayhem match at their own peril, and for many it can be a bit of an endurance test against their version of Lucio, Roadhog, D.Va, as well as several others Overwatch 2 heroes. Sombra in a Total Mayhem match can keep an enemy hero permanently hacked, which in turn is countered by Moira’s damage bullets. As a fan of this game mode would describe it: there are no power grids in Total Mayhem, just an infinite number of counters. asks Total Mayhem Overwatch 2 players for patience, and while it’s not a game mode that will be universally liked, those who approach it with the right mentality are likely to have a lot of fun.

As for upcoming content that deviates from the usual format seen in competitive mode, Blizzard is expected to release a collaborative campaign for Overwatch 2, focusing on Ramattra’s Omnic Rebellion. While details are scarce, it’s believed to be coming out during 2023 in decent-sized episodes, and as part of the game’s Battle Pass. Given how popular missionary cooperation has become starcraft 2there is potential for Blizzard Entertainment to hit it big again.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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