Respawn Releases Apex Legends Version 2.12 Patch Notes

Respawn Releases Apex Legends Version 2.12 Patch Notes

Apex Legends’ new Wintertide Collection Event doesn’t go live until next week, but the game’s developers have already started shaking things up via a new update that includes bug fixes for Season 15’s debut legend, Catalyst, and the new Broken Moon map.

Respawn tweeted the announcement this afternoon, shortly after the update became available to players. Several changes have been made to the way other legendaries interact with Catalyst’s ferrofluid. For example, the Wraith can now phase through the Catalyst’s ferrofluid capabilities without taking damage – a change that the Wraith network is undoubtedly happy to see.

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But unfortunately for Crypto fans, the surveillance expert can no longer hack doors sealed by Catalyst’s ferrofluid. In addition, the developers have heavily altered the Broken Moon map, removing a number of unintended hideouts and changing which areas of the map are accessible.

Most notably, weapons will no longer float in the air when using emotes from Season 15. Fans of the seemingly “haunted” emotes are sure to be disappointed, though it’s hard to deny that this particular quality-of-life improvement was a much-needed one. More changes could be on the horizon when the Wintertide Collection Event launches next Tuesday, December 6.

The patch notes are listed in full below:

November 30 Patch

  • Fixed lifetime K/DR stats showing incorrectly for some players.
  • Catalyst’s KO shield will now work when knocked down while casting Ultimate.
  • While in phase, Wraith will now see doors sealed by Catalyst’s passive.
  • While in phase, the Wraith will not be affected by the Catalyst’s ferrofluid.
  • Crypto’s drone will no longer be able to open doors sealed by Catalyst’s passive.
  • Fixed certain challenges giving incorrect reward amounts.
  • Removed invisible collision blocking ammo and abilities in Promenade.
  • Numerous map fixes throughout Broken Moon to remove hideouts and improve collision.
  • Weapons no longer float under emotes in season 15.
  • Legends will now appear at the correct size on the Legend Select menus when returning to the lobby in certain scenarios.
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Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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