Release: VitaDB Downloader 1.7 adds Homebrew Update notifications and more

Release: VitaDB Downloader 1.7 adds Homebrew Update notifications and more

Just a few weeks after the first official release, Rinnegatamante’s VitaDB downloads is poised to be one of the first things you’ll want to install on your PS Vita. With version 1.7, this tool works more and more like an official app store. VitaDB downloads will now be able to tell you when your favorite Vita or PSP homebrew has just received an update (and let you install it), through notifications.

This new release also adds an (optional) autoinstaller for kubridge.skprx, a plugin required by many homebrew games. And more!

Once you have installed VitaDB downloadsyou’ll definitely want to try out some of the 30 amazing PS Vita unofficial ports we’ve recently highlighted.

What is VitaDB Downloader

VitaDB is the most used Vita app repository for owners of homebrew-enabled PS Vita consoles. The database hosts thousands of tools and games, with a website where people can manually download the homebrew themselves for manual installation on their console. It also provides an API, which allows developers to access the database programmatically. This means in particular that there are several “homebrew stores” in the Vita app that allow you to install games directly from your Vita, leveraging this repository.

There are several “homebrew installers” that take advantage of VitaDB, such as Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB), Easy VPK, Better homebrew Browser and more. Which one you want to use depends on your personal preference, though VitaDB downloads has quickly proven to be the most up-to-date and functional. (Which isn’t entirely surprising considering Rinnegatamante’s track record and the fact that he created VitaDB in the first place).

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VitaDB download features

  • Searching for author/homebrewer name.
  • Filtering apps by category.
  • Display of all available app screenshots.
  • Sorting apps by various criteria (latest, oldest, most downloaded, least downloaded, alphabetical, etc.)
  • Shows more metadata for apps.
  • Download and installation of vpk+data files or vpk only at the discretion of the user. (You no longer need to re-download data files every time you want to update a homebrew for which data files are unchanged)
  • GUI based on beloved ImGui, providing a very robust user experience without sacrificing fancy and with high customizability.
  • Fast boot time (Only the very first boot will take a bit more due to downloading app icons. Subsequent boots will basically be instantaneous)
  • Low storage usage (Screenshots are displayed on demand, the only data kept on storage are app icons with a complicated storage usage of less than 10MB).
  • Tracking of installed apps and their state (outdated/updated) even when not installed through VitaDB Downloader.
  • Background Music (You can customize it by changing ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.ogg with your own preferred track).
  • Background image/video (You can customize it by changing ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.mp4 or ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.png).
  • Support for themes (Customization of GUI elements via ux0:data/VitaDB/themes.ini) with built-in downloader and manager.
  • Support for PSP home breweries.
  • Daemon support for background homebrews update check during normal console use.

In our experience, VitaDB downloads has proven to be extremely reliable, packed with useful features and lightning fast.


  • Left analog or up/down arrow = Move selection
  • Circle = Cancel selection
  • Left arrow (When selection cancelled) = Return to search text box (top of list)
  • Start = Show/hide screenshots for selected homebrew
  • L/R = Change sorting of homebrew
  • X = Install homebrew

VitaDB Downloader 1.7 – what’s new

  • Added an optional auto-update daemon for installed Vita homebrewers. It will check for any homebrew updates every hour and on console startup even with VitaDB Downloader closed and send a notification to quickly perform the update.
  • Added an automatic download and extractor of libshacccg.suprx if this is missing.
  • Added proper support for PSP homebrewers across different locations based on adrenaline settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all PSP homebrews to be categorized as original games.
  • Requirement popup will now not appear for homebrews that only require libshacccg.suprx since it is already present if VitaDB Downloader is used.
  • Added an optional kubridge.skprx update/installer when trying to install a homebrew that requires it.

Download VitaDB Downloader

NoteAuto Installer for libshacccg.suprx can also be downloaded separately here (nickname ShaRKBR33D), if you need that file but don’t want to use VitaDB downloads. Although to be honest, at this point given the benefits you get VitaDB downloadsI don’t understand why you don’t want to install it 🙂

Install like any other VPK (reminder, you need a hacked PS Vita!). Once installed, you should be able to install any other homebrew (that is, those present on VitaDB) from VitaDB downloads interface!

source: VitaDB

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