Related things each player does in High On Life

Related things each player does in High On Life

High On Life takes you on a fun ride through Justin Roiland’s wacky galaxy. During your adventure you meet a diverse group of quirky aliens who always have something unexpected to do or say. Many of the character gags are set up for you to provide the punchline, so it’s no surprise that many players will be able to laugh at shared experiences.

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There’s Care Bear the alien who refuses to die, and a tiny town that you can rampage through as Godzilla. These fun moments are part of everyone’s experience as you dive into the crazy antics of High On Life.


7/7 Be provoked by a strange boy

High On Life shoots the strange boy

Early on in your journey in Blim City, you will encounter an alien child who will taunt you mercilessly. Among a series of insults, the obnoxious kid will practically insist that you shoot him. It is a common practice in video games to prevent harm to child NPCs, with Bethesda games particularly known for their invincible children.

When you inevitably decide to pull the trigger, your living gun Kenny will initially refuse to fire. This is to be expected, but when you decide to shoot again, Kenny actually shoots and the kid will hilariously announce his death and fall to the ground. High On Life lets you get away with a lot, and seeing if you could actually shoot the kid is definitely something we’ve all tried.

6/7 Fails to see a bike

High On Life looks at the bike

Exploring Blim City allows you to meet all kinds of wacky characters. A special alien will ask you to look at his precious bike. You have a lot to do and see, so inevitably something else will catch your attention when you’re guarding your bike. Unfortunately, the second you look in another direction, the bike will mysteriously disappear.

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The alien is of course distraught and immediately throws a tantrum. Whatever choices you make, the bike is guaranteed to disappear as soon as you look away. So, despite our best efforts, the bike is destined to be stolen.

5/7 Make a mess of mac and cheese

High On Life shooting the mac and cheese brothers

The Mac and Cheese Brothers are a group of aggressive construction workers who block the way across the gorge during the Douglas premiere. True to their name, they are all a shade of light cheesy yellow. The main brother is adamant that you will not pass, and will hurl a ceaseless barrage of threats and insults at you. It is at this point that every player, and even your weapon, has the same thought. Time to blast them.

Funny, every time you kill one of the brothers they will respond with even more nonsensical insults. While it is possible to ignore their comments to continue, you have to admit that shooting them is a lot more fun.

4/7 Try The Double Jump Mechanic

High On Life buck thunder game

The beginning of High On Life has you playing a retro-style video game, as the character Buck Thunder. It’s a fun introduction that doubles as a movement guide. As you progress through the level, your trusty divorce attorney will fill the silence with sometimes questionable advice. One of the mechanics he introduces is the double jump, which allows you to use the jump button in mid-air to cross a large gap.

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This is where every player learns that there is no double jump. Instead, you land right in the hole you were trying to avoid. Even your divorce attorney is horrified by the exclusion, venting his frustration at programming developers crouching over a double jump.

3/7 Become stabbing with a knife

High On Life knife

Knifey is the hyper-aggressive and unstable melee weapon that accompanies you throughout your journey. He wants nothing more than to brutally hack away at your enemies and will make sure to let you know this when he can. Despite his vulgar nature, you can’t help but indulge in his passion for violence.

Even the first time you pick up Knifey will have you slinging two aliens, much to your delight. His simple-minded nature frankly becomes a bit endearing over time. Every player will eventually use Knifey’s stab-happy potential.

2/7 See An Oscar-Worthy Death

High On Life Alien death

Dr. Giblet’s bounty will have you encounter a wounded alien that looks like a middle-aged care bear. The poor guy is on the verge of death and his last wish is for you to stay with him in his last moments. Each player feels obligated to accept his request, watching as he takes his tragic last breaths. However, it turns out that this is not his last breath, because as soon as you walk away, he suddenly starts accusing you of leaving him.

This turns into a cycle of increasingly dramatic “deaths” that make each player wish they were really dead.

1/7 Try using the “character creator”

High On Life character creator

The opening section of High On Life introduces you to your sister, who immediately offers you an illegal drug. With an extended mirror in front of you, this is where you get the chance to seemingly create your character. There are a few different skin options that players can choose from, which encourages you to take your time to find one you like.

The funny thing is that you never actually see yourself in the game, and the inclusion of the character creator was completely arbitrary. Given how High On Life loves to subvert expectations in a fun way, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking you’d go for a preferred look.

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