Reddit user uninstalls GTA 5 amid reports of PC hacking RCE exploits

Reddit user uninstalls GTA 5 amid reports of PC hacking RCE exploits

The recently discovered hacking exploits for the GTA Online PC version continue to scare gamers. As a number of social media sites abound with heated debates about the current state of the game and its developers, Rockstar Games, several users have taken extreme measures, such as uninstalling and boycotting the game.

In a recent thread on the subreddit r/GTAV, a user named u/0xNefu shared a post about installing a firewall on his computer and uninstalling Grand Theft Auto 5 until the ongoing issue is resolved.

While the American game studio has yet to issue an official statement or assurance on the matter, the user took the step as a precaution to protect his personal computer from hackers and advised others to do the same.

GTA 5 player uninstalls game amid hacking issue

On January 23, 2023, the Reddit user shared the above post, taking precautions to potentially avoid exploitation by hackers and modders. While GTA Online is currently unsafe for PC gamers, the user assured the community that uninstalling the game would protect their computers from any kind of exploit.

The post included a screenshot of them standing inside the CEO’s office in Grand Theft Auto Online. Interestingly, a Christmas tree with a festive surprise can be seen near the office assistant’s desk, suggesting that the screenshot is not a recent one.

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️New extreme exploits have surfaced that allow cheaters to remotely add/remove/change your stats and permanently destroy your account, aka ban/delete. Please avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!🚨Thank you @HarryGotTaken to notify.

On January 21, 2023, popular Rockstar Games whistleblower Tez2 shared a post on Twitter alerting all GTA Online PC players about the new mod menu exploit that can ban, block, or delete someone’s progress in the game.

In a subsequent tweet, Tez2 revealed that the mod works as a partial remote code execution program that can even affect players’ PCs.

#GTAOnline Warning Update: The exploit is partially remote code execution. Menus with paid modifications are rampant, which advocates abusing this to a greater extent. This can turn into something much worse to extend beyond a game and affect your PC.…

The sudden news shocked the community, as many players started pouring into social media and begged Rockstar Games to fix the issue quickly. Despite the company’s silence on the matter, Tez2 advised GTA Online players to use a firewall service on their PCs to mitigate the exploits to some extent.

It is now important that you have a firewall rule installed while playing until Rockstar properly addresses the new exploits. It is recommended to use @Speyedr_AUhis guardian!…#GTAOnline

While using a firewall or not playing the multiplayer version of the game could potentially solve the problem for now, Redditor u/0xNefu went a step further and deleted the entire game from their system.

Redditors’ reactions to the post

Other Redditors quickly reacted to the post, with many sharing their thoughts. User u/snowaxe_83 shared brief details about the exploits on PC.

Another user, u/TheGlassPane, asked how to install a firewall in GTA 5, to which user u/TheNoob91 responded with Tez2’s reference.

Reddit user u/SexySalamanders advised players to turn off their internet connection while playing Story Mode.

Another user, u/TheGamingMackV, advised players not to play the game until the issue is resolved.

The PC community is eagerly awaiting an official announcement from the developers, forcing them to respond quickly.

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