Recent hack may have compromised Social Club for GTA Online

Recent hack may have compromised Social Club for GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online publisher Rockstar Games may be facing another security issue according to a new report.

According to reliable GTA insider Tez2, the Rockstar Games Social Club platform may have been compromised. A member, MCbcMC2005, reported on GTAForums that his Social Club crew and account were deleted due to a possible security breach at Rockstar Support.

Tez2 suggested that this might be possible since the 2K Customer Support service was also compromised some time ago. The original tweet has since been deleted.

After GTA 6 leak, hackers can now access Rockstar Support

A screenshot of the deleted tweet by Tez2 reporting the incident (Image via Tez2 on Twitter)
A screenshot of the deleted tweet by Tez2 reporting the incident (Image via Tez2 on Twitter)

As seen in the aforementioned post, Tez2 brought to light the incident where MCbcMC2005’s crew was stolen and his account deleted, allegedly by the hackers.

When the user’s account was first compromised, he contacted Rockstar Support regarding the same before his account was restored. However, it didn’t last long as the hackers once again compromised the user’s account by disabling the two-factor authentication before deleting it again.

The user shared the entire incident on GTAForums, sharing his frustration and pointing out a possible breach with Rockstar Support:

“Rockstar Support seems to be ignoring the issue and to me it’s very likely that there are still some major security holes in their systems that allow any account to be taken over and deleted. Just like that. And Rockstar won’t something.”

He also emphasized the level of threat this poses and warned all other players to be aware of the situation by saying:

“This is a huge threat to anyone who wants to use Social Club. Security at Rockstar is ridiculous, not to mention their support. Not to mention possible user data leaks – including yours.”

Update: Rockstar Games crew message is a default message that appears when a crew member is promoted to a leader. I have since removed my previous tweet. Will keep an eye on the situation.

However, Tez2 later clarified the deleted tweet by saying that the Rockstar Games crew message in the previous tweet is the default message usually displayed when a crew member is promoted to a manager.

Rockstar has a huge exploit on their hands. Some steal social club accounts through Rockstar Support bypassing 2FA and deleting crews. Just got both my crews wiped off of it this morning. @RockstarSupport Fix this!

It seems popular YouTuber Nick also suffered a similar fate. In a recent tweet, he reported that two of his Social Club crews had also been wiped out. He suggested that someone is stealing players’ Social Club accounts through Rockstar Support and bypassing two-factor authentication.

This is big news as Rockstar recently suffered a security breach when hackers leaked the early build of the highly anticipated GTA 6 over the internet.

Rockstar Games has not confirmed any such incident at the time of writing this article. However, if these reports are believed to be true, fans can expect more official information from the game publisher anytime soon.

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