Reached one million users and accelerated two million downloads

Reached one million users and accelerated two million downloads

LONDON, 2 November 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Launched 15 months ago as a pioneering online initiative, merging banking expertise with market-style buying and selling – Twig is expanding globally after hitting one million users this month, and two million downloads.

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Graph showing number of downloads compared between digital banking services at month 16 (Graphic: Business Wire)

The London-based, fast-growing circular economy fintech helps consumers convert unwanted goods into cash.

“We offer the next generation of banking services like the Bank of Things – allowing our customers to discover wealth they never knew they had,” said Twig founder Geri Cupi.

Twig is an advocate of the circular economy – a solution that tackles global challenges such as climate change, waste and pollution. It also encourages consumers to reconsider their shopping habits.

Initially, Twig allowed customers to turn their clothes and personal electronics into cash. Recently, Twig has launched more categories to include watches, toys and even vehicles.

Such a move has enabled a much more expanded choice for customers and at the same time has enabled the company to grow in an accelerated manner.

Cupi said: “Twig is a catalyst for positive change, empowering people to convert their unwanted things into cash. Our mission is to reduce littering. Why throw away items because ‘it’s easier’ when you can repurpose them instead to financial assets ?

“In seconds we can buy clothes, electronics, toys, jewelry, real estate and books for instant funds that can be used for your next purchases”.

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Using Twig, clients can easily value and get paid for assets such as clothing, electronics and books, with the valuation performed in nanoseconds through Twig’s pricing algorithm.

Since its launch, Twig has started a number of services rooted in circular economic principles, with a mobile banking solution among the products. Today it is the fastest growing fintech app in the UK – with one million users and over two million downloads.

About Twig

Twig is a London (Great Britain) based new generation fintech, rooted in circular economy principles. Founded by Geri Cupi in 2020. Since then, Twig raised >$50 million and became the fastest growing fintech in Europe, gaining over 1 million downloads in under 290 days. Twig has also become the top fintech app in Italy, one of the top apps in the US and number 2 in the UK.

Twig is the winner of Fast Company’s 2022 World’s Changing Idea award.

Twig’s central mission is to empower consumers to value, unlock and enjoy wealth they never knew they had. Users have instant access to cash while depositing items they no longer want – in addition to enjoying traditional banking services (debit cards, domestic and international bank transfers). In relation to this activity, Twig drives the circular economy, which makes Twig a positive and convincing environmentally conscious choice for the consumer.

Twig recently released its first white paper “How Twig is redefining the future of ownership and empowering Gen Z to live a sustainable lifestyle”

Download here.

About Geri Cupi, founder

Geri Cupi, a serial entrepreneur, founded Twig, Bank of Things in 2020.

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Geri Cupi was also listed as a 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 for retail and e-commerce, where he co-founded Monochain (the world’s first NFT distribution in the fashion industry), Social DNA (which was acquired by Levi’s). Geri supported academic endeavours, serving as visiting lecturer at the University of Bath and Edinburgh, as well as UCL.

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