RaptorVR Reviews – Should You Buy or Waste Your Money? : The Tribune India

RaptorVR Reviews – Should You Buy or Waste Your Money?  : The Tribune India

Remember when you were young and virtual reality (VR) glasses looked like something that belonged in a sci-fi movie? Now they are no longer considered fiction or expensive to own.

Virtual reality has grown in popularity in recent years, and you can try it now. With the new RaptorVR you get a full 3D experience in 1080p resolution and admire the power of technology.

What is RaptorVR?

RaptorVR is a virtual gaming and entertainment glasses. This VR glasses headset was developed to give you a high definition 3D experience and it works well with both iOS and Android smartphone models.

Overall, this VR offers a completely immersive experience. The RaptorVR Goggle was designed with versatility and compatibility in mind, so most recent Android and iPhone mobile models are 100% compatible with it. You may also be able to customize your device by placing it in a way that gives you the best VR experience.

This RaptorVR headset comes with 360-degree view and is perfect for beginners and was made for people who don’t have a budget for this type of product but want a high quality experience with VR. But even VR veterans and gamers will still be happy with it.

RaptorVR pros and cons

Check out some of the most relevant aspects regarding the new RaptorVR device:


● Gives you images in high resolution (1080p).

● You will be able to use a 360º view.

● Compatible with hundreds of apps

● Breathable headset padding

● Works with most iOS and Android phones.

● Free VR games and other sources of entertainment

● The picture is quite sharp and the sound is clear.

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● It is made with durable parts that resist wear and tear.


● It can only be purchased through the official website.

● Not compatible with most video game consoles or desktop computers.

How it works

RaptorVR uses state-of-the-art technology to give you excellent 3D images and comfort at the same time. This product has several adjustable parts, such as a headband and knobs to adjust focus and distance. The RaptorVR headset can also be paired with free travel, gaming and movie marathon apps.

Another relevant point that some parents may like to know is that children can use the RaptorVR without any problems due to the fact that it does not have small parts or anything that can hurt them. So it’s a fairly beginner-friendly model. It’s easy to use and set up, and it will work for people of all ages. You will primarily use it to play 3D games or watch movies on your phone.

RaptorVR Main Features

These are the most important features of RaptorVR that everyone should know about before buying it:

High compatibility: RaptorVR works great with virtually all smartphone models launched in recent years. Unless you have an old model, you can use this device without any problems.

Full 3D experience with 360º view: Unlike similar models, which imitate the natural 3D experience, RaptorVR offers you a 360º view of the digital world.

Easy to adjust: The adjustable parts of this amazing gadget allow the user to continue using it for a few hours without any pain or discomfort.

High quality of immersion: Using the 1080p image and running the images in a detailed way, this product has everything you need to immerse yourself in a game and feel like you are in another place.

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RaptorVR official prices

If you are interested in bringing RaptorVR home, you can purchase it by visiting ShopRaptorVR.com as you have the chance to purchase it at 50% off. Credit cards, PayPal and Google Pay are all accepted as payment methods.

Check out the official prices:

● One RaptorVr for $19.99

● Two RaptorVr for $39.99

● Three RaptorVr for $44.99

● Four RaptorVrs for $59.99

Shipping charges will be processed separately and will depend on your location. You also have 30 days to request a refund in case RaptorVR does not meet your expectations. Return the unopened package for a refund.

Frequently asked questions about RaptorVR

Q: Does RaptorVR have full smartphone compatibility?

A: Although you can’t say it has 100% compatibility, it works with most iOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I watch movies with RaptorVR?

Oh yes! If you don’t want to play games, you can also use this device to watch movies as long as they support 3D features.

Q: Can anyone use RaptorVR?

Oh yes. The device requires no tools, and those with little technical expertise will find it easy.

Q: Is RaptorVR considered comfortable?

A: Most users of the RaptorVR claim that the device is relatively comfortable due to its customizable design. It comes with breathable padding and it is not too hot during use.

Q: What kind of apps are compatible with RaptorVR?

A: It is impossible to list them all here, but we can say that there are many VR-compatible apps available on your app store under “3D Games” or “VR Games”.

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About RaptorVR

A group of technical professionals with years of experience in virtual reality and entertainment created RaptorVR. Based in the Netherlands, the team sells high-quality gadgets to people in many countries.

You can contact the RaptorVR team via the following methods:

● By email: [email protected]

● By phone: 844 847 3372


RaptorVR is a high-quality, low-budget virtual reality device. It was specially made to do everything that a more expensive model can do, but it costs only a fraction of the price compared to similar popular gadgets.

So we consider the RaptorVR headset a perfect gift for anyone who loves 3D movies and games. By using it, you will be able to unlock a whole new world in your home with comfort and high resolution. The official website is offering a significant discount of 50% right now; visit the official website to get yours now.


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