Ramattra takes over the Overwatch 2 Twitter account

Ramattra takes over the Overwatch 2 Twitter account

Ahead of his Overwatch 2 debut, Ramattra takes over the PlayOverwatch Twitter account and responds to fans.

The lead-up to Ramattra’s debut in Overwatch 2 hits its crescendo when the omnic terrorist takes over the PlayOverwatch Twitter account. The “hack” went on for a few hours and Ramatra responded Overwatch 2 content creators and fans during that time.

Excitement for Overwatch 2its first “Tempo Tank” is palpable. Fans have been clamoring for every bit of lore the developers have released and are excited to see what new meta and gameplay tricks will be devised with the new hero. The day before Ramatra is to appear Overwatch 2the leader of the Null Sector managed a victory in the propaganda department, took over the PlayOverwatch Twitter account and had his version of fun with fans and content creators.


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His first tweet was “No more”, referring to the atrocities committed by humans against omnics in Overwatch universe, with the signature “R.” Fans immediately started playing along to the piece. While some were amused by a simple reply from Ramattra, others tried to test his humor and failed. He branched out into tweets that mentioned his name and responded to Overwatch League teams Houston Outlaws and Los Angeles Gladiators, OWL caster Jennifer “LemonKiwi” Pichette, and streamers Somjuu and OWGrandma, among others. He also responded to fan art tweets, menacingly answered some questions, and granted a “human’s” request for a hello.

PlayOverwatch Twitter returned to normal about 4 hours after Ramattra’s first tweet, and also left behind one last impressive image. There has been a lot of fanfare surrounding the release of Ramattra by Overwatch 2 team. It was a new story from Ramattra’s perspective from the years leading up to and immediately after the King’s Row Rebellion. Developer explanations of Ramattra’s game and hero design and additional knowledge about Ramattra from Overwatch 2Lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie has also been released.

When Ramatra enters Overwatch 2Season 2 on December 6th, there will be a slight change in how long players have to grind Battle Pass levels to get him. Ramatra will be unlocked after level 45 instead of level 55 as Kiriko was in the free-to-play Battle Pass. This, along with other changes like login bonus cosmetics and tweaks to daily and weekly challenges, is in response to player outcry over Season 1’s cosmetic rewards. Ramatra will still be an instant unlock for players who purchase the premium Battle Pass, but he will still be unavailable in Competitive until a week after the season begins.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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