Pure Storage extends the as-a-Service model across the entire suite of Portworx offerings

Pure Storage extends the as-a-Service model across the entire suite of Portworx offerings

Pure Storage has announced a new fully managed service for Portworx Enterprise, which looks to bring a Kubernetes-ready data plane to all developers working with containerized applications.

With Portworx Enterprise 3.0, the underlying platform for this new fully managed service, DevOps teams will be able to run mission-critical Kubernetes apps in production with elastic scalability and better data availability.

Now the entire suite of Portworx offerings can be used as a fully managed service by users of Amazon EKS, RedHat OpenShift, and all other Kubernetes services (fully managed or upstream deployments).

Murli Thirumale, VP & GM, Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage, says the new development will provide better results for those navigating the Kubernetes space.

“The goal of Portworx has always been to help platform engineering teams provide their developers with an enterprise-class Kubernetes-ready computing platform with speed, simplicity and scale,” he says.

“By delivering the fully managed service for the Portworx platform, the #1 Kubernetes computing platform, we bring the cloud experience, on any storage infrastructure, to the fingertips of any developer looking to work with Kubernetes apps in production.”

Pure Storage says the fully managed service will offer a no-install, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage experience to users without the need for container expertise. They say it will make day 0 and day 2 operations for Kubernetes clusters easy with just a few clicks.

With the 3.0 release of Portworx Enterprise, Portworx continues to push the boundaries of performance and reliability for containerized workloads in a unified computing platform for file, block and object storage.

The new PX-Fast feature provides improved performance for low-latency data services such as Kafka, Elastic, and MongoDB with fast ingestion needs and high throughput for online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), and machine learning (ML) workloads.

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The Kubernetes Data Management platform of Portworx provides unique throughput/IOPS extremely close to that of writing directly to the high-performance NVMe-based infrastructure, increasing the underlying performance to over one million IOPS. PX-Fast makes Kubernetes data storage look like local storage for containerized apps and data.

Customers will be able to harness the power of petabytes of data generated from apps like video-on-demand, VoIP, etc. with a near-zero error rate.

The Near-Sync DR feature extends the existing Portworx Disaster Recovery capability by providing the lowest possible RPO between two cloud regions or geographically distant data centers, giving enterprises the desired level of business continuity.

The Portworx platform has always supported disaster recovery capabilities with zero RPO and fast RTO between two city-region clusters with <10ms latency. This in itself is unachieved by anyone else in the industry. And with Near-Sync DR, the platform will extend its end-to-end DR solution with a guaranteed 24-second RPO and a fast RTO between two regions with higher network delays.

Customers will be able to run their tier 1 mission-critical apps with the utmost confidence and self-confidence, leveraging the platform’s world-class robustness and reliability.

The Object Storage Service feature provides another storage interface (in addition to file and block storage) for running containerized workloads. Using this feature, users can manage and access object storage buckets with built-in Kubernetes integration for a single, consistent experience across the cloud and on-premises S3 stores.

“Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, providing a consistent foundation for developers to build, deploy, manage and scale containerized applications faster across hybrid and multi-cloud environments right to the edge,” notes Chris Gray, vice president. , North America Partner Ecosystem, Red Hat.

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“Portworx data management and data protection offerings help unlock key use cases for Red Hat OpenShift workloads in production. This latest managed cloud service offering from Portworx by Pure Storage addresses increased customer interest in building a single platform to provide storage, migration and data management – which a service to developers on top of Red Hat OpenShift, demonstrating the power of an ecosystem of partners working together to better support our shared customer’s needs.”

In addition, Portworx is also introducing a free perpetual tier of Portworx Backup. Platform teams can now get started with the fully managed Portworx Backup service without feature limitations and protect up to 1 TB of data at no cost. Each backup instance can manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters.

The free, fully managed Portworx Backup can be used indefinitely by any organization looking for an enterprise-class data protection service to protect their Kubernetes workloads in a few clicks.

The Portworx Enterprise 3.0 release and fully managed service will be available in early 2023.

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