PubMatic releases playbook for APAC mobile app publishers

PubMatic releases playbook for APAC mobile app publishers

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The playbook outlines how mobile app publishers in the APAC region can leverage increased interest from brand advertisers in the format to generate increased revenue.

Mobile in apps has long been associated with delivering short-term performance goals, but as more consumers migrate to apps, brand advertisers are increasingly embracing the channel to deliver long-term business goals, including brand goals.

The playbook explains the benefits of leveraging brand spend for mobile app publishers in APAC and identifies key challenges publishers need to address to capture spend.

Lashes Phang, ppolder ddirector by mmobile at PubMaticso: “Digital brand ads do what traditional advertising was built to do – be memorable, change minds and stay with users long after they’ve seen the ad.

“Unlike direct response or performance ads, brand ads require no user action, meaning publishers can benefit from ad revenue without users having to navigate away from their app.

“But to gain access to global brand demand, it is important for publishers to understand brand advertisers’ expectations and to work with an SSP partner that has strong relationships and access to key media buyers in the desired markets.

Some of key factors says the report mobile app publishers should be aware of include:

Change user expectations: The value of the users increases. As preferences evolve, publishers will need a deeper understanding of users, their tolerance level for ad delivery, and which ad formats will be least disruptive to their experience.

Standardized ad formats: As the mobile and in-app advertising market, using ad formats that meet Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards is critical to capturing global consumption. Conversely, failure to adhere to these standards can result in a publicist’s advertising revenue taking a serious hit.

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