PUBG Mobile New cheat report out, more than 563,000 accounts banned for hacking

PUBG Mobile New cheat report out, more than 563,000 accounts banned for hacking

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Tencent banned more than half a million PUBG Mobile accounts in the first week of October (September 30 – October 6). To add more, the Chinese gaming giant has also issued a ban on more than 9,600 devices that are prone to in-game cheating and hacking. They also removed 7,446 online cheating ads with 27,250,430 followers and impressions on social media promoting cheating.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile BR games in the world, with millions of active players plunging into the game every day. Some players will use unfair means to gain an edge over other real players in the game using hacks and cheats. With such large amounts of user base, it is humanly impossible to keep track of every player, especially with hackers in the game. That is why the developers have set up an anti-cheat system that provides an overview of each player and bans them from playing if they are found cheating in the game. Players are also given the option to report such malicious activities in the game which will be rectified by the system.

The developers will release weekly reports on the accounts that have been banned. Let’s look at the latest ban report.

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More than half a million PUBG mobile accounts were banned in the past week

The latest report says that Tencent has permanently grounded 563,865 accounts and 9,647 devices from September 30 to October 6. The following is a breakdown of the banned accounts along with their levels and cheats used:

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Level of banned accounts:

  • Bronze – 33%
  • Silver – 16%
  • Gold – 13%
  • Platinum – 8%
  • Diamond – 7%
  • Crown – 6%
  • Ace – 16%
  • Conqueror – 1%

Here are the amount of cheats used and the rate of use:

  • X-ray vision: 54%
  • Auto Target Hack: 16%
  • Area Damage Change: 11%
  • Speed ​​Hack: 14%
  • Other: 3%

The online cheating content was removed from 7,446 online cheating ads with 27,250,430 followers and views. You can report cheat content on PUBG Mobile online by filling out this form (click here).

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