PS Plus Premium should add rare PS3 gaming folklore to the lineup

PS Plus Premium should add rare PS3 gaming folklore to the lineup

A 2007 action RPG set in Ireland, Folklore is one of the rarest PS3 games out there, and it should be coming to PlayStation Plus Premium.

Conservation has become a big talk in the gaming industry lately. With older consoles starting to break due to age, and the industry facing the very real possibility that these consoles’ games will never be playable again, some gamers have begun lobbying for companies to take the time and effort to preserve their games for future generations. This talking point is also brought up quite a bit when gamers discuss scalpers, who artificially increase the price of older games just so they can resell them in the future for a bigger profit. With a service like PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony now has the ability to preserve more games than ever, and the underrated PS3 game Folklore should definitely be one of them.


Released way back in 2007, Folklore did not receive good reviews upon initial launch, with critics condemning the game’s pacing and its repetitive gameplay. Still, many who played the game back in the day have a soft spot for it Folklore now. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult for fans to get their hands on a physical copy of the game these days. After receiving only a limited release, physical copies of Folklore are not that common, and thanks to scalpers, the game’s market value has increased considerably in the last two years, from around $20 up to $100. Although it’s a bit of a niche title, PlayStation Plus Premium could attract a decent number of subscribers if it Folklore on his service.

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Everyone deserves a chance to play folklore


Folklore follows the story of Ellen and Keats, two playable protagonists who end up meeting in an old Irish fishing village called Doolin. Lured to the island by mysterious voices, the two witness the death of a woman and begin an investigation into the cause of her supposed suicide. This journey takes them on a trip to the Underworld, where the two attempt to solve the mysterious case by talking to the spirits of the dead, who are guarded by various mythical creatures.

The general game loop to Folklore has two distinct phases. The first phase sees players question the villagers around town about various comings and goings, relationships and possible suspects. The second phase, and the more prominent of the two, sees players engage in third-person hack-and-slash action in the Netherworld. One of the game’s most unique features is its vast array of abilities, which are unlocked by absorbing downed, weakened enemies. When the player absorbs the downed enemy, they gain a new ability that summons that creature and forces them to perform an attack. Four summoned attacks can be equipped at once, each taking up a face button slot.

One of the biggest highlights Folklore is its art design. For a 2007 game, Folklore looks incredible. At the time, the gaming industry unanimously tried to deliver the most realistic graphics possible, which led to many muted color palettes. Folklore bucked this trend, and it holds up much better because of it. FolkloreThe backgrounds are vibrant and bright, as are the varied monster designs that perfectly capture the mythic atmosphere the game strives for. Critics may have disapproved Folkloreits narrative and some elements of the combat, but the game’s visuals were praised across the board.

Even though Folklore isn’t often considered one of the PlayStation 3’s best exclusive titles, it’s certainly still worth playing all these years later. If Folklore come to PlayStation Plus Premium, it can add a lot of value to the service, with even a single copy of Folklore sometimes PlayStation Plus Premium costs more than a full year’s worth. It would be great to see more underrated classics like Folklore move to PS Plus Premium in the next year or so.

Folklore is available on PS3.

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