Pixel 7 lock screen notifications not showing, fingerprint buggy

Pixel 7 lock screen notifications not showing, fingerprint buggy

The new Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are already in the hands of many lucky users. This means that there are already some opinions about the user experience offered by these devices.

Among the many opinions, the first problems that users invent also appear. Here we have covered the criticism of the quality of the speakers in the Pixel 7 series and the fast charging speed.


Now several Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users are reporting that the lock screen notifications are not showing and the fingerprint sensor performance is poor or unreliable.

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro lock screen notifications not showing up

Many Google Pixel 7 users find that the notification previews do not appear on the lock screen when “face lock” is enabled.


Can I face lock while still seeing notifications? My 7 Pro arrived two days ago (early, I love it) and I love the face unlock. I set it to “Skip the lock screen” so that it unlocks as soon as it recognizes my face instead of clicking the screen once it has verified me. Anyway, I’ve noticed that means when my phone is locked but the screen is on, I can’t see notification previews anymore.

Pixel 7 Lock screen notifications not showing. After about an hour of searching the internet, I finally figured out why I couldn’t see full notifications on my lock screen even though I turned on all content. Apparently if you’re using face unlock and you’ve bypassed the lock screen turned on, it won’t show you full notifications on the lock screen.

Unlike last year’s Google Pixel 6, the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro support face unlock. However, this only works to unlock the devices from the lock screen.

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This means Face Unlock cannot replace your fingerprint, pattern or PIN for sensitive things like unlocking apps or authorizing payments. This is because this version of face unlock is the classic and insecure “2D face scan”.

Coming back to the issue, reports confirm that lock screen notifications do not appear when face lock is enabled. So you just need to disable the “face lock” feature for notifications to appear again.

Had the same issue, it’s due to the face lock skipping the lock screen option. If you turn it off, the notifications will return

There is no official confirmation of this issue from Google yet. So users have to wait for further updates on the topic in the future.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro bad fingerprint sensor

The second reported issue will be very familiar to many former Google Pixel 6 users. More specifically, Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro fingerprint sensor behavior is poor and unreliable for many.


Pixel 7 fingerprint sensor peeling off? Just got a lemongrass Pixel 7 as a replacement for my 5 (trade even with Verizon). I hated to give up my dedicated fingerprint sensor, but read that 7 was good. I’ve added my fingerprint to the 7 twice now and it still won’t unlock or authorize on any app.

Pixel 7 fingerprint sensor recognition poor. I have now added and removed my thumb 20+ times. I’ve stuck my left thumb in there 4 times now and it’s still very unreliable. Is there anything else I can do to help it? How are other people’s experiences? Seems particularly bad at night where it goes from ~40% success in light to close to 0%.

As a reminder, fingerprint performance in the Google Pixel 6 series was erratic and unreliable for many months. Also, these phones do not support face unlock (even after Android 13 update).

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That said, the cause of the problem could be incompatibility with certain tempered glass protectors. Some users report that the behavior of the Pixel 7 series fingerprint sensor is greatly improved by removing the screen protector.


So it’s likely that the fingerprint sensor currently only works properly with official Google screen protectors.

Google is also reportedly aware of the problem according to a Redditor. The company may be working on a fix to improve the Pixel 7 series’ fingerprint sensitivity in a future update.

I just chatted with Google Support about this issue and they said it’s a known issue right now and they’re working to fix it with a software update.

However, there is still no official word from the company on this matter. We will update this story as events unfold.

NOTE: You can also check Google Pixel 7 series bugs/issues and update tracking.

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