PikaShow App safe for Android users? Never download this!!

PikaShow App safe for Android users?  Never download this!!

Have you ever heard the term PikaShow app and wondered what it was all about? The entertainment industry has evolved tremendously over the past ten years, from local cable to OTT platforms.

Streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, Voot, etc., started as online platforms that provided pre-existing shows and movies on internet devices. Over time, these brands have grown to become publishers that broadcast original media content and shows. Many of these shows are OTT exclusives and unavailable on other outlets.

This makes people look for a free medium to watch the shows on these platforms. Apps like PikaShow can come in handy during this time, but is it worth using? Is it safe? Check it out as we thoroughly examine the PikaShow Android app.

What is the PikaShow app? Is This Android Movie Streaming App Any Good?

The PikaShow app is a free, open media streaming portal that houses several dramas and movies that would otherwise only be available on paid streaming sites. Users can find media from different platforms on the app, making it a place for a variety of content.

The app is an alternative to paid subscription services. It features shows from across the internet, meaning viewers don’t have to jump through multiple apps for diverse content. They can find shows unavailable in their region on the application without requiring a VPN.

As an unauthorized Android app, Pikashow is surprisingly stable and error-free. It rarely crashes, providing a smooth experience watching your favorite productions. Unfortunately, the Pikashow app is not available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. One has to download a Pikashow APK file from third party websites and install it on their device and ignore the security risks associated with it.

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Why do people like Pika Show app even though the app is risky?

Is PikaShow app safe for Android users

As we mentioned above, Pika Show App has security risks since it is not a recommended app in the Google Play Store. However, we have researched the Pikashow app and listed some of the features of the app that keep users committed to it. These features are very useful and provide a positive user experience.

Compatible with Android devices:

The Pikashow portal is compatible with various Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pikashow app works smoothly on all devices with Android systems in high definition quality videos. Viewers also have the option to download the episodes they want to watch and watch them offline.

Availability of subtitles:

The shows on the PikaShow App have the option to activate subtitles. If the subtitles are not available, users can easily search for them using the in-app options. They can also change the playback speed from 0.25x to 3x on each video.

Stream live content:

The PikaShow app has a simple interface and accurately categorizes all available shows. Users can watch live TV, such as sports matches, news, programs, etc., on the app. Local channels like Star Sports, ESPN, Sony TV and Zee TV are also available on the app.

Pairs with Smart TV:

The PikaShow app can be easily paired with an Android TV and FireStick to stream shows and movies on a bigger screen. It can also change the video quality and audio settings to mono or stereo by itself.

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Is the PikaShow app safe to download on your Android device?

PikaShow Android App is said to be quite safe for your devices; however, we cannot be sure. Since the app is unauthorized, it comes with the risk of malware and viruses. Google will give you a warning while installing the program. You will also be asked to turn off your phone’s firewall to use the app.

Currently, people are wary of leaking their data online and there is no way to know if the app is collecting such information.
However, that hasn’t stopped users from enjoying the content on the app and fantasizing about it on online forums.

Some people on Quora have shared their positive experiences with the PikaShow app, claiming that the portal has not given them any problems. Anyway, some people have complaints about the app, expressing that the app has hidden bugs and issues.

Is it safe to download PikaShow app on your device

Image credit: Quora

A Quora user revealed that a version of the app was giving them problems. They said that after installation, the PikaShow app’s “uninstall” button was disabled and they had to take the help of a third-party app to uninstall PikaShow from their device.

Some users even advised readers to download a VPN before installing it. They explained that VPN protects our IP address and personal data from the risk of theft and misuse. They also suggested that people tread carefully while installing the app. Many websites provide the PikaShow APK file of the app, so people should only download it from the official website.

Why not download the PikaShow app? Reasons

Why you must not download the PikaShow app

While the PikaShow app has significant user recommendations, we would advise against downloading it. PikaShow is an illegal app that illegally grabs content from streaming sites, making it a piracy portal.

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Readers should choose to watch shows on their legal platforms without circumventing piracy laws. In addition, viewing content on legal sites helps show creators earn money and helps them fund future projects, including new seasons of the same shows.

Downloading an unauthorized app can seriously damage your online accounts and personal information. Currently, most smartphone users opt for online banking or UPI transactions. Many times, the login details of our accounts are stored on our Android devices, making them vulnerable to being stolen.

An illegal app like PikaShow may contain viruses that collect these login data from your phones and forward them to a third party, posing a major threat to the security of your account.

How does the PikaShow app break the piracy laws in India?

Since the PikaShow app is an illegal movie steaming app, it clearly violates the copyright rules in India. Piracy or copyright infringement is regulated under the Copyright Act of 1957. The Indian government is strict with its piracy laws and media theft regulations. Apart from the fear of being hacked, people who indulge in piracy can be punished with imprisonment, fines or both.

Another law, called the Cinematograph Act of 1952, requires punishing users for downloading copyrighted media. Legal punishment under the acts includes imprisonment for seven days to three years or a fine ranging from fifty thousand rupees to three lakhs or more.

Our last words

Looking at all the pros and cons of the PikaShow app, we have concluded that while the platform is an excellent hub for free content, you should keep it away from your devices. PikaShow app not only threatens your online security but also negatively affects the future of your favorite shows and comes with serious implications like jail time or fines. We advise you to invest in legal OTTs for legal content and guilt-free entertainment.

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