phone hacking: Is there a way to know if your phone is being monitored or spied on?

phone hacking: Is there a way to know if your phone is being monitored or spied on?

Today, in the era of technology, smartphones are not limited to just making calls or sending messages. Instead, you can virtually connect abroad, order tickets, plan appointments and play games with the help of our small smartphones.

With the help of apps, we can do hundreds of tasks like connecting on social media, checking weather updates, streaming live videos, managing data storage, contacts, music playlists, etc.

While a lot of data is exchanged using apps, not everything you store is public. Much information is private and requires security. Several apps manage and provide internal protection of personal data, while few do not.

If you’re not careful, some apps can hack your phone or steal your private data or accounts. Below are some indications that can help you check if your phone is being monitored or spied on.

Fast battery drain: Spy apps run in the background and can use your battery without you knowing.

Non-essential apps: If you find that certain apps on your phone are not essential and are not sure if you downloaded them, someone else may have. It could be a spy feature disguised as an unwanted app.

Overheating of the device: The GPS functionality usually overheats the device. Unknown, dangerous apps can track your real-time location using the GPS feature.

Increasing data usage: The spying activity may provide your information remotely to another device or server and use your phone data to transmit details.

Malfunction of the device: Screen flickering, dim display, automated internal settings, unwanted virus files, unresponsive phone features and the presence of files that don’t support phone format are a few signs that your device is being monitored and needs a privacy check.

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Buzzing voice calls: Usually recording voice calls creates a humming sound during calls. So if your smartphone is new and you hear buzzing background noise, it’s probably because your phone is being monitored or spied on.

Track browsing history: Try checking your device’s recent history, because someone might have accessed some malicious links.

Phone spying can be done through messaging apps, cameras, internet sites, etc.

Ways to protect your smartphone:
* Remove unwanted and non-essential apps

* Install antivirus software that supports your phone

* Factory reset (this will delete all the data and reset it to factory settings)

* Update your device

* Enter required passwords such as fingerprints, patterns, etc.

* Try not to put important details like IDs, date of birth or passwords in unknown apps or links.

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