Phantom Hellcat is a stylish hack-and-slash inspired by NieR

Phantom Hellcat is a stylish hack-and-slash inspired by NieR

Revealed at Gamescom 2022, indie title Phantom Hellcat wowed audiences with its stunning visual effects, a stunning soundtrack and pulsating action. The game is developed by Ironbird Creations and published by All in! Game. The developer hasn’t been shy about expressing its influence on the game, and this is certainly fantastic news for fans because one of those influences is one of the greatest hack-and-slash games of all time.

Phantom Hellcat is said to be significantly inspired by the classic hack-and-slash game NieR. Still, Ironbird Creations has injected its own high-octane formula to make sure Phantom Hellcat is its own beast. The reveal trailer features gorgeous two-dimensional platform-like gameplay seamlessly connected to third-person hack-and-slash action sequences. Like the game that influenced it, Phantom Hellcat looks like it will be a completely unique experience.

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One of the hardest games to comfortably categorize into a genre is the 2010 sleeper hit, NieR. Yes, the game is a hack-and-slash at its core, but it also offers so much more. Included in the proceedings are an open landscape, several role-playing elements, side-scrolling areas, moments of fixed-camera horror, a deep and nuanced narrative with some hard-hitting themes, and side quests reminiscent of classic Zelda. NieR is a masterpiece of the gaming medium. Phantom Hellcat to be inspired by such a wonderful pearl is really exciting.

The trailer for Phantom Hellcat is packed with everything fans could want, including lots of action and lots of hacking and slashing. The exciting part of the game is what is not shown. Because the developers have quoted NieR as a significant influence, it’s exciting to think how many of the previous title’s gameplay elements they incorporated Phantom Hellcat. The trailer shows sequences where the hero, Jolene, decimates Shade-like enemies that are almost certainly inspired by NieR. What other elements could Phantom Hellcat possibly implement?

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Two interesting pieces of information are known about Phantom Hellcathis game. The first is that the game will have skill trees that allow players to choose their preferred style. Jolene’s mask is interchangeable with other masks, allowing for different perks and abilities, and it can be upgraded. The other big piece of information is that the game takes place in a mysterious theater, which makes for a completely unique visual aesthetic.

Several areas resemble theater productions with painted backdrops, giant gears turning in the background, and giant red curtains framing the play area. This level design suggests an element of surprise Phantom Hellcat which is very much in line with NieR game. While the trailer gives players a taste of what to expect, it doesn’t give too much away. Phantom Hellcat could become one of the best hack-and-slash games of the next decade, and it could even go down as a classic of the genre, just as NieR.

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