Perfect Heist 2: Best Classes, Ranked

Perfect Heist 2: Best Classes, Ranked

There are just some genres that can never truly die out, and one of those genres is robbery. The concept of heists is so popular that it is introduced as important subplots in many games, and even has entire games built around it. Some involve stories while others focus on the experience. Such a game is Perfect Heist 2which is a beautifully designed and cleverly conceptualized online multiplayer where teams of police and robbers go head-to-head in an immersive experience that closely focuses on the dynamics of both security and theft.

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The game features a variety of classes, divided into three main class categories for each faction. For robbers, players have Breach, Stealth, and Support classes, while for police, players have Combat, Intel, and Support. Playstyle matters a lot when choosing favorite classes, but some of them can outperform others.


10/10 Fracture: Heavy

Watching smoke from a hip rocket launcher explosion inside a bank in Perfect Heist 2

A formidable heavy balances out stealth tactics to ensure high firepower when needed and a balanced team. The police have a significant advantage in attack skills, and therefore it is also crucial to have some power and strength on the robbers’ side.

Make an entrance with a bang with the Heavy’s rocket launcher that can destroy weak walls. Players can also call in a helicopter to supply or store stolen money. The flak jacket reduces blast and fall damage by 50%.

9/10 Combat: SWAT

SWAT Character Screen In Perfect Heist 2

This class may seem like a common and predictable choice that doesn’t offer anything too unique, but the police should always have high firepower ready to be mobilized if things ever get high. SWAT classes are very useful in direct confrontations to quickly take down enemies running for cover.

He has thermal vision which makes character outlines visible through walls. Be careful, as players cannot use their weapons while this is active. Headshots don’t do increased damage to him due to his Kevlar helmet. The SWAT operator carries a powerful rifle with very good optics choices, along with a flasher. Players who love to go full tactical will love playing as this class.

8/10 Stealth: Pickpocket

Observing NPCs on the upper levels of a bank in perfect heist 2

Work in the shadows and blend into the crowd. An inspiration that comes straight from Assassin franchise, the pickpocket can toss a coin to distract NPCs, if necessary according to the player’s strategy.

The pickpocket has really got a way to throw a wrench in the works for the police, as he can steal $5,000 from them, which also causes their ability to be disabled. To activate it again, the police must return to a police car. The ability to carry $5,000 without a visible bag makes the Hitman a slippery foe.

7/10 Intel: Spy

Top view of a bank's hall in perfect elevation 2

This particular class is not too common. It is perfect for players who have a good eye, a patient head and a steady pace. Staying calm and blending in to maintain stealth is essential; only then will the player be able to surprise the enemy. The spy can disguise himself as a customer or employee, to stay blind to the robbers while gathering information and making smart decisions.

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He is also slightly faster than the others, with his speed increased by 10%. He gets a silent gun, to engage if necessary, and a grappling hook for more mobility.

6/10 Stealth: Insider

Aim down sights outside a window using a rifle in Perfect Heist 2

An inside man can sometimes give a head start on a race that hasn’t even begun. The insider has acute knowledge of various areas within the map and is thus easily able to put on clothes that match the area he is currently in, in order to always remain in disguise.

He has also planted and hidden a bore in the building, which he can locate and then install in areas to be used. True to his name, he has been given a silent pistol, and he also has an automatic pistol for extra firepower. Such a man should always be with the team and keep his allies ahead of the enemy at all times.

5/10 Support for police: Developer

Looking across a bank's hall with gun on hip in perfect heist 2

Let’s put that computer degree to good use. If the robbers are trying to be clever and stealthy, there is a high chance that they will try to hack into PCs and ATMs. The developer has up to 5 anti-viruses at her disposal that she can install in ATMs and PCs that will prevent any attempt to hack them, and then sound the alarm, immediately breaking stealth for the robbers.

She can also destroy all remote-controlled vehicles within a 3-meter radius, which greatly reduces the robbers’ mobility and gives the police an edge. She has a versatile Bullpup MP and an automatic pistol, making her a formidable foe.

4/10 Stealth: Agent

Watching smoke from an explosion in a bank reception area in Perfect Robbery 2

Agents always seem to have all the cool stuff, and this game is no different. The agent has a variety of abilities that can be used for a very stealthy yet unique playstyle. Players are given a huge advantage by giving them the choice to spawn on the roof so they can be in a strategic position from the start.

They also silently cut glass for some movie-like maneuvers and tactics. The agent is also equipped with a screen that hides who is behind it. To complete their class, the agent gets a silenced pistol, and a grappling hook as well.

3/10 Combat: Combat Medic

Shootout Between SWAT Operative And A Fox Masked Robber in Perfect Heist 2

Healers don’t often get enough love, but the support that players can get from such classes can really turn the game around. The medic has the ability to revive downed cops nearby, while also healing himself and friendlies past the limit of 120 HP for 5 seconds.

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The Doctor can also place heartbeat monitors on others that let him know if they have been killed, and be notified of enemy activity. Top that off with poison bullets, and players have a rugged operator on their hands.

2/10 Support for robbers: Tech

Aim for a brown building while inside a parking lot in perfect lift 2

It’s always good to stay one step ahead by using the latest technology. This class allows the player to scout ahead and conduct some reconnaissance. The drone not only provides some eyes in the air, but also provides the ability to transport bomb bags and money bags which can really help avoid some extra effort to carry them on the ground.

Vaulted doors can be a big nuisance for robbers who want to keep it quiet. The technology class has the ability to open vault doors by hacking into 3 PCs. Players get a gun for easy execution and a grappling hook to get to hard-to-reach places.

1/10 Intel: FBI

View of a character wearing an FBI vest inside a bank's lobby in Perfect Heist 2

You can’t go wrong with the classics. This typical class has a balance between both stealth and attack abilities. Players who choose this role will have the option to place up to 4 motion detectors that can alert the team to enemy presence. These also have the ability to stun enemies that pass through for a short time.

What makes the class even more unique is the Kevlar vest, which reduces incoming damage to the body by as much as 30%. The class is equipped with an SMG that does decent damage, but has a very high rate of fire.

Perfect Heist 2 is available on PC.

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