People just realize that they are using the iPhone Calculator app all wrong

People just realize that they are using the iPhone Calculator app all wrong

MILLIONS of iPhone owners are not using the Calculator app correctly.

It’s one of the most popular apps on the iPhone and is installed by default – but there are plenty of secrets you might have missed.

Unlocking the scientific calculator is just one iPhone trick you need to know


Unlocking the scientific calculator is just one iPhone trick you need to knowCredit: Apple

Here’s a roundup of some little-known calculator iPhone hacks, tips and tricks that you must try.

Delete digits

We’ve all done it – you make a typo and then you hit C and it’s all gone.

Well, it is actually possible to delete digits one at a time.

Just swipe left or right on the number field and it will delete the last digit.

So you can very easily undo a mistake without losing all your progress.

Unlock scientific calculator

The calculator app may look simple, but it has a lot of depth.

First, check that your screen orientation is not “locked”.

You can adjust it in the control center.

Then turn your iPhone on its side in Calculator to unlock a hidden mode.

It’s a scientific calculator, which you may remember from your school days.

This reveals a ton of extra features that were previously hidden.

Using the Clear button correctly

If you’re not a calculator, you may not understand exactly how the C or “delete” button works.

When you press it, your number will be deleted – but not the calculation.

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It only deletes the last entry, instead of everything else you’ve typed so far.

To clear an entire calculator, press C first. Then the button will change to AC, which means “all ready”.

Press AC to clear the entire calculation.


There is a hidden feature that allows you to generate a completely random number in the Apple calculator.

First, switch to the scientific calculator using the method above.

Then look for the “Rand” key.

You could use this as a way to generate randomness in a board game, if you didn’t have dice on hand.

Copy and paste

You can very easily copy and paste numbers into the calculator.

For example, if you pinch the screen with three fingers, this will copy the number in the readout.

And if you press and spread three fingers, this will paste the number.

Secret “2nd” button

Even in the scientific calculator, there are still some hidden buttons.

If you look over to the left of the screen, you will see an icon that says 2nd.

Press it and you’ll find that many of the buttons change to something else.

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This gives you even more features that you may never have noticed.

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