People just realize that Sky TV has ‘secret code’ you can type to solve big problems

People just realize that Sky TV has ‘secret code’ you can type to solve big problems

A TV genius has revealed a secret Sky TV code you can enter to unlock a special feature.

It is called the “0 0 1” code and performs a very handy function.

There's a clever Sky TV trick you need to know


There’s a clever Sky TV trick you need to knowCredit: TikTok / @wadesramsey / Sky
Did you know about this secret code?


Did you know about this secret code?Credit: TikTok / @wadesramsey / Sky

Even long-time Sky viewers who have owned a box for years may have missed this one.

It’s actually a quick trick to delete all your recordings at once.

One of the best features on Sky Q is the ability to save content.

But if you’ve downloaded too much, it can become unwieldy – and clog up your storage space.

Now TikTok telly whiz @wadesramsey has revealed some very clever TV skills.

First, press the Home button on your Sky Q remote.

Then scroll down to Settings but Do not do it click on it.

Then press “0 0 1” on the remote, followed by select (it’s the middle button).

Now go down to Reset and then over to Reset Hard Drive.

It will completely erase all your apps and recordings on Sky Q.

It is possible to restore your Buy & Keep purchases at

You should only do this if you are satisfied with wiping the machine and restarting.

For some people, it can lead to more headaches.

Another option

Of course, that’s not the only way to quickly delete content.

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You can wipe the entire series at once using another Sky TV trick.

To delete episodes individually, press the Sky button at the top of your Sky remote to access your recordings.

Scroll to the recording you want to remove and select it. Then scroll over and select delete.

To delete all recordings of a TV show, scroll down to Sort by and then select A-Z.

Scroll down to the TV show you want to remove and swipe right. Select Delete All and then Confirm.

Here are some more great Sky TV tricks you might have missed…

Skip ahead!

There are several options for fast-forwarding.

For example, on a Sky Q touch remote, you can swipe up and then right to skip forward.

However, the best method is to simply use voice controls.

For example, you can say “Skip three minutes”.

Just make sure to press the microphone button on the remote control before you start speaking.

This is a great way to quickly skip past an ad break on recorded content, for example.


One of the best tricks allows you to quickly go back to a channel you were previously watching.

It’s a common problem: you start seeing something else and immediately regret it.

Or maybe you just needed to tune into a channel for a very short period of time.

Whatever the case, the Sky Q remote has a simple shortcut to solve the problem.

Just swipe right on the touchpad remote control.

It will bring up a screen at the bottom, allowing you to select your previous channel.

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That means you can quickly flip between two channels with minimal fuss.

Turn off the TV

A common complaint is that it is impossible to switch off the TV with the Sky Q remote.

But that’s simply not true – it just requires a little knowledge.

It is correct that you switch off the Sky box by pressing the Sky Q remote power button.

However, you can also turn off the TV with a simple adjustment.

People only notice four Sky TV voice tricks that are very useful
Your Sky TV remote has a fantastic hidden button you've never noticed before

Instead of pressing quickly, hold the power button on the Sky Q remote for several seconds.

This will switch off the Sky Q box and put the TV on standby as well.

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