People just notice iPhone setting that can stop very creepy behavior

People just notice iPhone setting that can stop very creepy behavior

YOUR iPhone has a special setting that controls exactly how apps can track your location.

It’s possible for some apps to see exactly where you are—though they may not need to.

You can manage all your location permissions in iPhone Settings


You can manage all your location permissions in iPhone SettingsCredit: Apple

Fortunately, it’s very easy to change if you know what the setting is called.

It’s called Precise Location, and it’s so hidden you might never have heard of it.

When you use an app on your iPhone, you may need to give them “permissions”.

WhatsApp may need microphone access to send voice memos.

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And Facebook may need camera access to let you upload selfies.

Locations are just another form of access you can give to an app.

For example, a game like Pokemon Go needs to know where you are in order to function properly.

But there are TWO types of Apple location sharing – approximate location and exact location – and you can choose which one to provide.

The first is approximate location, which may be enough in some cases.

An app that recommends restaurants doesn’t need to know exactly where you are, just your rough location.

But a taxi app may need your exact location to pick you up at the right place.

Precise Location is a setting used by Instagram – but many other apps too.

For example, you can tag your posts with your location, or find local businesses.

How to check exact location

To control all of your location data, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

It’s where you can manage which apps have access to your location, and under what circumstances.

If an app uses precise location, you can turn it on or off there as well.

You can also make it so that iOS apps can only use your location once, or only while you’re using the app.

But remember: you may lose access to some features that depend on it.

Is Precise Location safe?

Presis Location is only as safe as the app you offer it to.

If it’s a trusted app and it’s obvious why it needs your location, there’s less need to worry.

But always try to keep location sharing to a minimum: it’s your personal data after all.

Precise placement can allow amazing features to work properly, so it’s a good thing it exists.

That said, it’s always important to be careful about what you share online.

Consider whether you need to include your location in social media posts.

Although uncommon, there have been police reports in the past of people ending up as victims of crime due to online oversharing.

In August 2022, viral posts started circulating saying that thieves were exploiting the Precise Location setting on Instagram to find targets.

The Sun has been unable to find evidence of this hacking – and it is unclear how this would even have been possible.

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Apps must ask for your permission before accessing your location


Apps must ask for your permission before accessing your locationCredit: Apple

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