People have just realized that you can use AAA batteries instead of AA in devices

People have just realized that you can use AAA batteries instead of AA in devices

People have only just come to terms with the AAA battery hack that can save you from going through the night without a working controller. See below:

I’m sure avid gamers can relate to the sinking feeling when you’re deep into a pro club sesh and your controller battery dies, along with your soul.

Cruising around the house looking for some AA batteries and all that’s left are the AAAs in the TV remote.

The stores are closed, everyone is in bed and your friends have won the divisional game without you.

So if you’re not able to buy a new pair in time, it’s a short-term solution that people barely realize exists.

With a controller that takes AA batteries, you can temporarily use AAAs instead – under one condition.

As shown in the clip above, you need a sheet of aluminum foil, and if you wrap it around your AAA batteries, you can basically increase the length of the battery so that it reaches the connector.

Credit: TikTok/@momboss_girlboss
Credit: TikTok/@momboss_girlboss

Since AAs and AAAs use the same amount of voltage, the new, longer battery matched with the foil acts as a short-term solution until you can get your hands on a new pair.

Just to reiterate, the hack will only last a couple of hours at best and you’ll eventually have to replace them.

If you have some cash to spare, it’s always worth investing in a rechargeable battery pack to avoid such agony.

Commenting on the news, one shocked viewer said: “This should be in a physics journal.”

Another added: “Gamers have gotten to know this game.”

Someone else revealed: “My Xbox controllers used to be stuffed with foil.”

Credit: TikTok/@momboss_girlboss
Credit: TikTok/@momboss_girlboss

TikToker @kaansanity has provided a step-by-step explanation for getting the most out of your iPhone.

He says, “Generally, turn off Background App Refresh. And in Motion, turn on Reduce Motion and turn off those two.”

Motion can be found under the Accessibility option in Settings.

And by “these two” he means turning off the switches next to Auto-Play Message Effects and Auto-Play Video Previews.

Credit: TikTok/@kaansanity
Credit: TikTok/@kaansanity

The next step is to go to System Services. To find this, go to Settings, then Privacy, then click on Location Services.

You will then need to scroll down all the way to the bottom until you see an option for System Services.

Next, turn off location-based Apple ads – if that option is there on your device – iPhone Analytics, Routing & Traffic and finally Improve Maps.

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