Payday 3 Teaser Reveals Logo, Confirms 2023 Release

Payday 3 Teaser Reveals Logo, Confirms 2023 Release

Overkill Software and Starbreeze studios are kicking off the new year by revealing the Payday 3 logo along with opening the game’s Steam store page.

A new teaser trailer on Overkill Software’s YouTube channel has revealed Salary 3its logo, which serves as one of the first major gaming announcements of the new year. Along with the unveiling of the logo, Salary 3The Steam store page has been opened for players to wishlist ahead of the 2023 release, and more details about the game can be expected soon.

While the trilogy began with Salary: The Heist received mixed reviews back in 2011, Salary 2 exploded in popularity and has been a staple of the co-op shooter genre ever since. The Payday series puts players behind the masks of crew members Dallas, Hoxton, Houston, Chains and Wolf as they embark on a life of violent crime and armed robbery. Players must work together to plan and execute various heists in different locations, ranging from simple bank heists to Vegas casino heists, and Salary 2its steady stream of DLC has kept the game going for over a decade. With the announcement of Salary 3 in 2016, fans have been waiting a while for news about the threequel.


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A short reveal trailer titled “A New Criminal Dawn” uploaded by Overkill Software shows up Salary 3‘s logo, a simple and clean monochrome design that forgoes the red or blue color of previous entries. The video zooms out of a view of Salary 3‘s New York City to reveal the crew overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, likely plotting their next big job. The trailer declares that “this is the year of Salary 3,” once again confirming the game’s 2023 release window. A specific release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the Steam store page has been brought online, allowing players to list the game and stay tuned for future updates.

Just a few details about Salary 3 have been revealed so far, such as the game’s setting in a technologically modern New York. Salary 3its modern focus will open the door to all kinds of technologies and concepts like cryptocurrency and mass surveillance that could have a profound impact on criminal gaming. Hopefully, a new set of tools will further mix up the gameplay thanks to hacking devices and other useful gadgets that will give players interesting options during the heist.

Salary 3 will also switch to the Unreal Engine instead of using the Grin engine from previous games to bring the scale and detail of New York to life. Although little in terms of gameplay has been revealed so far, Salary 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023.

Salary 3 is currently in development with a 2023 release window.

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