Overwatch 2 Victory Screen Shows Soldier Interrupting Sombra Hack

Overwatch 2 Victory Screen Shows Soldier Interrupting Sombra Hack

A new bug in Overwatch 2 apparently reverses the popular Sombra Hacking Play of the Game movie, with this time Soldier: 76 taking over.

The last mistake on the inside Overwatch 2 sees Sombra being reverse hacked by Soldier: 76 during the Play of the Game movie. While more comical than detrimental to the overall experience, this Sombra glitch is relatively minor compared to some of the issues the game has faced post-launch. In fact, upon release, the game was unplayable for a large portion of the audience as server issues, bugs, and massive queues made logging in to Overwatch 2 almost impossible.


While Blizzard has managed to stabilize the experience to the point where players can log in and play, the odd bug or error can still pop up at times. Some, such as Overwatch 2 heroes being locked when a match begins has had a negative impact on gameplay. However, thanks in large part to social media and sites like Reddit, fans have been sharing a lot of weird visual glitches or immersion-breaking bugs stemming from things like character emotes and victory bags.

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The last visual error for Overwatch 2 comes from a Reddit user named LiamAcko. After a battle victory, the player Yodiomensen is awarded Play of the Game, using the Hacking movie for Sombra. Traditionally, the cinematic highlight acts as a troll of sorts, showing another player as the game’s play, only to have the screen hacked with Sombra’s skull icon, revealing that she is actually the game’s real play.

What’s interesting is that the clip from LiamAcko actually shows the highlight intro apparently taking place in reverse. The first character to appear is Sombra, although reports believe it is actually Soldier: 76 who appears. Then the screen changes as expected only now Soldier: 76 appears with Sombra Play of the Game messages on screen. The game’s confusion appears to be a bit more widespread as people commenting on the post share similar stories. Some have seen character models outright disappear, flash rapidly, or just this animation where Sombra randomly swaps with another teammate.

While many are disappointed that this issue has yet to be addressed by Blizzard considering it occurred during the beta over the summer, it’s not the first issue the Play of the Screen movie has had over the years. Actually one Overwatch 2 the player had his PotG completely destroyed when the server disconnected just as the clip was about to play. Fans posted all kinds of clips from the original Overwatch including one who posted a video of Wrecking Ball getting PotG by getting three eliminations even though they were stunned and rolling around.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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