Overwatch 2 Confirms Major Roadhog Nerf, Potential Rework

Overwatch 2 Confirms Major Roadhog Nerf, Potential Rework

A Blizzard developer confirms plans to seriously nerf Tank hero Roadhog, with the potential for a “soft rework” of his abilities.

According to a Blizzard developer, there are plans to seriously nerf the Tank hero Roadhog Overwatch 2. The switch to a 5v5 setup and the accompanying buffs that Tanks received across the board have made Roadhog a bit too powerful in the eyes of many Overwatch 2 players, so it’s safe to say that there will be those who are happy with the nerf.

Roadhog has been a playable character in Overwatch since the original game launched in 2016. He has consistently been one of the most controversial Tank heroes in the series, which has led to various nerfs over the years that have seemed to make him a bit more balanced on the battlefield. At one point, Roadhog’s grappling hook was capable of jerking enemy players around corners, but that issue and others related to him have long since been resolved.

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However, many fans have found Roadhog to be overpowered Overwatch 2, as he is able to heal himself and one-shot most characters that he manages to catch with his grappling hook. It seems developers at Blizzard agree with disgruntled fans who aren’t happy with Roadhog’s power in Overwatch 2, since it seems like a big nerve for the character could come in January. According to Blizzard’s Alec Dawson, Roadhog is going to be “quite nervy”, in the January update, with his ability to hit heroes. And it looks like the Roadhog changes won’t stop there, as it’s also been suggested that a “soft rework” could be in store for the character as well.

Dawson went on to say that Blizzard wants to look at Roadhog’s kit “a little more closely,” and that could lead to a “soft rework.” The goal would be to change Roadhog so that he fits better with Overwatch 2its 5v5 setup, although the team must be careful not to go too far with the changes. Taking away Roadhog’s hook or healing ability would result in a drastic change to the character and could potentially disrupt the Roadhog network.

The Roadhog network may take issue with the idea that the character needs a rework or significant nerf, as there are already solid ways to counter him in the game. Ana’s grenade makes Roadhog unable to heal, and Sombra’s hacking can interfere with his abilities. And as long as players are diligent about not standing too still when the other team has a Roadhog, they should be able to avoid getting hooked without too much trouble. Of course, it all depends on the skill level of the Roadhog they are facing.

Regardless of whether one believes the upcoming Roadhog nerfs are justified or not, they should be coming in next month’s update.

Overwatch 2 is out now in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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