Overwatch 2 ban wave hits thousands of cheaters as hacker POTGs go viral

Overwatch 2 ban wave hits thousands of cheaters as hacker POTGs go viral

Published: 2022-10-26T17:16:58

Updated: 2022-10-26T17:17:09

Thousands of Overwatch 2 cheaters have been purged in a major ban wave as players grow increasingly concerned about the threat posed by hackers in their games.

Overwatch 2 has had a very roller coaster launch so far. After a rocky debut with DDoS attacks and controversial phone verification requirements that have since been updated, the hero shooter bounced back to record player numbers.

The highlights didn’t last long though, as issues with expensive skins costing upwards of $20, ranked matchmaking issues and even hackers have resulted in more unwanted controversy for the sequel, but Blizzard has taken some action.

In a new report on the Korean Overwatch forum, Blizzard revealed that thousands of cheaters had been banned from the game in the first wave since the game’s launch.

Overwatch 2 cheats purged in hacker crackdown

A total of 3,486 accounts were banned on October 26 for using programs not approved by Blizzard.

The cheating problem has proven to be a huge problem in games like Call of Duty over the years, and with OW2 being free-to-play, some have feared that a similar fate could befall Overwatch.

The SMS verification was an attempt by Blizzard to prevent potential cheaters from creating new accounts by having a phone number associated with each, but backlash to the system pushed the developers to backtrack.

Streamers have documented an increasing number of cheaters in their games, often sarcastically joking about how new players have the “best aim”.

In these two viral clips, the hackers get the Play of the Game, but in the process they show off a target robot that locks onto targets. Funnily enough, the Soldier 76 cheat originally didn’t know how to use a Symmetra Teleporter, and instead performed a melee.

Previous job postings have indicated that the developers plan to implement an anti-cheat at some point, but for now, the best players can do is report those they suspect have hacked and hope they’ll be dealt with.

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