Overwatch 2: All Damage Ultimates, Ranked

Overwatch 2: All Damage Ultimates, Ranked

Overwatch 2its first successful season is coming to an end, and many significant changes have been made. Among them are brand new maps, a cosmetic shop and even some new heroes. The move to a free-to-play model is the most significant change, bringing an influx of new players to the game.

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With over 17 characters Overwatch 2‘Damage category, many newbies may need help with the current meta and knowing which heroes are the best and which are a no-go. This article lists all Damage Ultimates in Overwatch 2, ranked based on efficiency.


17/17 Bastion’s configuration artillery

Overwatch 2, Bastion Ultimate

As a DPS hero, Bastion is among the strongest of the 17 available on the list, capable of shredding enemy shields and dealing massive amounts of burst damage. Despite being reworked, Bastions Ultimate continues to be hugely disappointing.

Using Configuration Artillery, Bastion becomes immobile and can fire three intensely powerful artillery shots at the enemy team. It involves critical decision making, as the player can space these shots out or cluster them together in hopes of killing one target. Unfortunately, Bastion’s Ultimate is also incredibly obvious to the enemy team as it announces its arrival with a shrill alarm, giving the enemy team plenty of time to escape.

16/17 Tracer’s Pulse Bomb

Tracer in Overwatch

Tracer has remained relatively unchanged since the original Overwatch, consistently frustrating supporters everywhere. Her high mobility makes her a difficult target to find, as she can use her Recall and Blink abilities to confuse the enemy.

Pulse Bomb is one of the least threatening Ultimates in Overwatch 2. When activated, Tracer throws a pulse bomb in the direction she is facing, which can attach to an enemy and detonate a second later. Due to her high skill cap, it can be difficult for Tracer players to land a kill with this Ultimate, making it one of the weakest in the game.

15/17 Torbjørn’s molten core


Torbjørn is a fairly situational hero, best used for objective based maps like Control. His turret can deal damage at long range, targeting any hero within line of sight.

Torbjørn’s Ultimate Molten Core is best used defensively. When used, Torbjørn shoots out pools of molten lava that burn and damage enemies standing in it, causing additional armor damage. It’s an excellent Ultimate that can zone enemies off target, but rarely earns kills when used alone.

14/17 Echo’s Duplication Module

Overwatch 2, Echo

Need help deciding which DPS hero to get? Echo is the perfect choice for players who feel conflicted about who to play. Her Ultimate Duplication Module allows her to duplicate any character on the opposing team, right down to their abilities and Ultimates. She will appear to the enemy team as a translucent version of her chosen champion.

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The duplication module also allows Echo to gain the enemy’s health pool, therefore duplication is best used on enemy tanks. It is temporarily reminiscent of the old school Overwatch days with the two Tank meta. The duration of her Ultimate is short, and more often than not, Echo will be focused by the enemy before she gets a chance to use her duplicate form, so she reverts to normal.

13/17 Cassidy’s Deadeye


Cassidy has been downgraded quite a bit since its launch Overwatch 2. With the focus removed from crowd control abilities, Cassidy’s fan-favorite Flashbang has been replaced by Magnetic Grenade.

Deadeye is potentially one of the most famous Ultimate i Overwatch. As Cassidy says his iconic “It’s high noon” voice line, his screen will turn yellow and if enemies pop their heads out of cover, it’s game over for them. That said, it’s easy for enemies to dodge Cassidy’s Ultimate and hide behind cover, hence why it ranks so low on this list.

17/12 Symmetra’s photon barrier


Symmetra is another highly situational hero that can still be a strong pick against the enemy. Her laser turrets can slow down the enemy and deal excellent damage if placed carefully.

The problem is that despite being a DPS character, Symmetra’s kit is completely focused on defense. With its Ultimate Photon Barrer. Symmetra can project a global shield that spans the entire map until it expires. While Ultimate is strong on its own, there are better choices of DPS available.

17/11 Sombra’s EMP


Sombra has seen some significant nerfs to her abilities in overwatch 2, with hacked opponents only being banned from their abilities for 1.5 seconds. She no longer deals as much damage to hacked enemies, with the damage multiplier dropped to 25%.

These nerfs apply to her Ultimate EMP. When activated, Sombra hacks all enemies in the radius while destroying shields, making them easy targets for some quick blasts. EMP really only works when paired with another damaging ability, like D.Va’s Self Destruct or Reaper’s Death Blossom, and therefore requires team coordination to be effective.

17/10 Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight

overwatch widowmaker grappling

Widowmaker’s Ultimate, Infra-Sight is more for utility and intelligence than damage dealing. Infra-Sight allows Widowmaker and her team to see the enemy team through walls and terrain for 15 seconds, allowing her team to plan their attack. Widowmaker can also easily line up headshots while this is active – one shot, one kill!

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The downside is that Infra-Sight can be canceled if Widowmaker is killed before the duration is up, which can be a waste, especially if she’s up against another better Widowmaker.

17/9 Reaper’s Death Blossom

Overwatch 2, Reaper

Reaper’s Ultimate is Death Blossom which sees him spin as he fires his deadly Hellfire projectiles in all directions, devastating enemy teams. Although it sounds scary, Death Blossom is best used on squishier targets like enemy support to get the most value.

While casting Death Blossom, Reaper can be easily countered. He can be pushed away by Lucio or Brigitte or countered by defensive Ultimates like Zenyatta’s Transcendence, negating all damage from Reaper. He can also be stunned out of Ultimate by a Sleep Dart or Chain Hook, so Reaper players need to time their Ultimate well.

17/8 Hanzo’s Dragon Strike

Overwatch 2, Hanzo Ultimate

Hanzo’s Ultimate, Dragon Strike, launches a projectile arrow that transforms into two slow-moving dragons that charge across the map. They include a reasonable AoE, best used through walls so the enemy can’t predict where it’s coming from.

Heroes like D.Va and Sigma can absorb Dragon Strike if timed correctly, completely negating its effects and rendering it useless. Since Dragon Strike moves so slowly, it can be easily avoided by most characters in the hero pool.

17/7 Pharah’s missile barrage

Overwatch 2, Pharah Ultimate

Pharah’s Rocket Barrage is one of the deadliest in overwatch 2, allowing her to launch a volley of explosive mini rockets at the enemy team. With her silent but deadly hover jets, Pharah can sneak up behind the opposing team and rain death upon them, easily wiping out most of the unsuspecting enemy.

A downside to Pharah’s Ultimate is that she is immobile and will stay still in the air while using it. This makes her a great floating target for the enemy team. However, the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team is often well worth the risk.

17/6 Ashes BOB

Overwatch 2, Ashe and BOB

Ashe’s ultimate ability, BOB summons her giant omnic butler in the direction she faces. He charges forward until he hits a wall or an enemy hero. If he collides with an enemy hero, he will throw them into the air and target them first. BOB will then remain in turret mode for ten seconds before teleporting away.

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BOB can be hacked by Sombra or slept by Ana; both disable him for a short period of time. It’s also extremely easy for Ashe players to send BOB running off the face of a cliff, and die as a result. Since he counts as an extra teammate for as long as he lasts, BOB can be used to fight goals, which is useful when the game clock goes into overtime.

17/5 Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor

Overwatch 2, Soldier 76 Ultimate

As one of the most versatile heroes, Soldier: 76 is recommended for beginners coming from other FPS titles. His kit is basic, but he’s still one of the more reliable characters on the roster.

Where Soldier: 76 really shines is through the use of his Ultimate Tactical Visor. It gives him auto-aim for six seconds, and locks onto the heroes closest to his crosshairs. Tactical Visor synergizes well with Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush or Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix for deadly combos.

17/4 Tit blizzard

Overwatch 2, Mei Ultimate

Having just returned from a month-long hiatus, Mei has seen some significant nerfs to her unique abilities. She no longer freezes enemies with her endothermic blaster, instead slowing their movement speed to control the flow of combat.

Her ultimate, Blizzard, is the best part of her kit. Mei launches a weather control drone that creates a freezing zone, leaving enemies vulnerable and immobile for a short time. Mei can then easily pick off any successors with her Endothermic Blaster secondary fire-icicle projectile.

17/3 Sojourn’s overclock

Sojourn is the first hero to get his own stand-alone novel with Overwatch 2: Sojourn.

Sojourn is a headshot specialist within Overwatch 2, effectively eliminating enemy shields and popping heads with its effective Railgun primary and secondary fire. She is best played in the mid range.

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Her ultimate, Overclock, quickly charges Sojourn’s Railgun for a short period of time. Charged shots can penetrate multiple enemies, and one charged headshot means instant death. During Overclock, her weapon automatically charges without primary fire, allowing for more devastating shots, especially if the enemy is grouped together. Her Ultimate, like the rest of her kit, relies heavily on targets and is best played by someone with decent mechanical skill.

17/2 Genji’s Dragonblade


Genji is one of the most skill-limited heroes in the game, and in the right hands, this cybernetic ninja can be extremely deadly. His mobility is unmatched, as he can climb walls and double jump over enemies with ease.

Activating the Dragonblade, Genji unleashes his legendary katana, transforming his primary shuriken attack into a melee. He can quickly close the gap to squishy targets that lack mobility, as he can still use Swift Strike during Ultimate. When paired with Ana’s Nano Boost, a well executed Dragonblade has the potential to wipe out an entire team.

1/17 Junkrat’s Riptire

Overwatch 2, Junkrat

Junkrat is one of the strongest heroes in overwatch 2, which can consistently spam its explosive rounds to the enemy. He’s also perfect for new players, as Junkrat’s main combat strategy is to throw his grenades into the mass of enemies, which should then quickly charge up his ultimate.

Junkrat remains still as he boosts his controllable explosive riptir. It can climb over terrain and other obstacles before being manually detonated on the battlefield, dealing massive amounts of damage while knocking back nearby enemies. It is potentially the most potent DPS Ultimate in the gameas it can secure team kills and is excellent for zoning the goal during overtime.

Overwatch 2 is free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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