OPPO ColorOS System Applications – All latest app downloads for OPPO [Feb 02 2023]

OPPO ColorOS System Applications – All latest app downloads for OPPO [Feb 02 2023]

OPPO has already released ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 update to the many eligible devices. However, the company is also concerned about its system apps, and these common ones ColorOS system apps is updated so that the app does not lose compatibility with new software update.

Below in this article, we have updated all the important things OPPO System Apps so you can download the latest version of apps directly.

ColorOS 13 system applications– All Latest Apps Download Links for OPPO: OPPO has many useful mobile applications for your devices and also recommended. OPPO ColorOS system applications are popular among users of smartphones based on ColorOS. OPPO users interact with apps through a mobile device’s tactile, audio and visual inputs and outputs.

Due to their small size and light energy consumption, OPPO devices are portable tools and find applications outside the office. Here is a list of some useful system applications for your OPPO mobile device. Which you can easily download and upgrade.

ColorOS system application


App Market

Assist ball

PC Connect

Clone phone

Quick look




ColorOS System Launcher

Here we provide the latest ColorOS system launcher for Android 10 and Android 11 users, you can easily download and install it.

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Download version

Theme shop

Customize your Realme smartphone with a theme. Each one comes with a thoughtfully designed set of wallpapers, icons and details.

Download version:

  1. Theme Store v9.4.0
  2. Theme Store v9.3.0
  3. Theme Store v8.5.0
  4. Theme Store v8.3.1


Game Space is an application for Realme users that you think you don’t need until you have it, normally all the games on the computer are organized on the gaming platform itself or directly accessible in a folder.

Download version:

  1. Game Space v6.14.0
  2. Game Space v6.12.2
  3. Game Space v6.12.2 (new build)
  4. Game Space v6.10.1 (Android 11)

Telephone manager

Phone Management or Security Center offers you four actions to protect your phone, including clean storage, privacy permissions, virus scanning, and payment protection. In Realme UI and ColorOS 6 and later, features such as Messenger Cleaner and Whatsapp Cleaner have been added.

Download version:

  1. Phone Manager v13.5.2 (Android 13)
  2. Phone Manager v12.6.0 (Android 12)
  3. Phone Manager v12.3.6 (Android 11)
  4. Phone Manager v8.7.1 (Android 10)

Solo loop

Soloop is a compact video editor specially made for your Realme and OPPO smartphones that allows you to create instant photo and video slideshows. You can also edit photos and videos manually and put your creativity into it with some cool transitions, amazing texts, super cool filters and some amazing music.

Download version:

  1. Soloop v1.44.5 (global)
  2. Soloop v1.44.3 (global)
  3. Soloop v1.44.0 (global)
  4. Soloop v1.42.1 (global)
  5. Soloop v1.38.0 (global)


Photos app is Realme and oppo’s default applications after you install the latest version of Photos app on your Realme or Oppo device, you can see the new a new bar at the top that allows you to directly search, videos, favorites, people and Location just one tap. The update also brings a new editing option.

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Download version:

  1. Pictures v13.4.1
  2. Pictures v13.3.1
  3. Images v12.16.18
  4. Photos and Gallery v12.10.39
  5. Photos v12.10.16 (Android 11)
  6. Photos v11.0.0 (Android 11)
  7. Photos v8.2.11 (Android 11)
  8. Images v7.8.14

Contact App

The Kontakt app is the default dialer and contact app for Realme and oppo smartphones. The application provides a standard feature for call recording, call blocking as well as a new user interface design.

Download version:

  1. Contact v7.4.1 (Android 13 or later)
  2. Contact App v5.5.0 (Android 11)
  3. Contact App v4.4.45 (Android 11)
  4. Contact App v4.4.30 (Android 11)
  5. Contact App v4.4.15 (Android 11)
  6. Contact App v3.6.15 (Android 10)


The The Messages app on your oppo phone can be used to send texts, photos, videos and emojis. You can also turn calls on or off. It provides users with an easy way to send and receive messages comfortably and safely. If you have an oppo device, it should already appear on your smartphone as the official SMS and MMS client.

Download version:

  1. ColorOS Messages v13.65.105
  2. ColorOS Messages v13.60.105
  3. ColorOS Messages v13.60.100
  4. ColorOS Messages v7.155.25
  5. Messages v7.130.0
  6. Messages v7.112.0
  7. Messages v5.17.110 (Android 11)
  8. Messages v5.13.50 (Android 10)

File manager

“File Manager” manages all the files on your smartphone, just like a file explorer on your computer.
You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives and files in the cloud storage connected to your smartphone at the same time.

Download version:

  1. ColorOS My Files v13.7.0
  2. My Files – 12.2.12 (Android 11)


OPPO Camera is the pre-installed camera that all OPPO smartphones use to take photos. You can take a photo in seconds to capture any moment of your life with the click of a button.

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Download version:

  1. Camera v3.302.56
  2. Camera v3.101.274
  3. Camera v3.303.56
  4. Camera v3.102.349 (Android 11)
  5. Camera v3.101.212 (Android 9)
  6. Camera v3.102.333 (Android 11)
  7. Camera v3.2.21 (Android 10)

Web browser

OPPO Internet Browser is a mobile browser for smartphones and tablets developed by OPPO’s ColorOS. It is based on the open source Chromium project. It is pre-installed on Realme and OPPO devices.

Download version:

  1. Browser v45.8.0.8
  2. Browser v45.8.8.1
  3. Browser v45.8.3.1
  4. Browser v45.8.0.1

Smart sidebar

  1. ColorOS Smart Sidebar v13.0.21
  2. Smart Sidebar v12.0.36

Screen recorder

  1. OPPO Screen Recorder v12.1.27
  2. Screen Recorder v12.1.12

OPPO Notes

  1. OPPO Notes v13.5.20
  2. Notes v12.3.10


  1. Clock v13.4.4
  2. Clock v13.4.2
  3. Clock v13.3.16
  4. Clock v12.0.48

Private safe

  1. Private safe v13.1.2

Important note

All these applications were sourced from OPPO and Realme smartphones, but if it is not installed on your mobile, or if there is any problem with your mobile being installed, we will not be responsible for it. [Install own your risk]

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