One Piece’s Revolutionary Army, ranked by intelligence

One Piece’s Revolutionary Army, ranked by intelligence

The revolutionary army is an important staple in One Piece universe. The members are solely responsible for bringing down the world government and its corrupt leaders since pirates are too distracted and bickering among themselves.

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Led by Monkey D. Dragon, the revolutionary army has a number of intelligent individuals to spearhead its efforts. These characters are so wildly skilled that they make up for their lack of numbers and raw resources. Using wits and cleverness, there is a reasonable chance that the Revolutionary Army can succeed due to its most strategic and adaptable lieutenants.

10/10 The World Government lobotomized Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma with his paw extended in One Piece.

Kuma was once Dragon’s right-hand man in the revolutionary army. However, after leading the Straw Hats to safety in the Sabaody Archipelago, his true intentions were revealed and he was reprogrammed to lose what little humanity remained.

Unfortunately, the Kuma that currently exists is a lobotomized shell of his former self. Currently, he is having a difficult time processing reality, much to the dismay of Dragon and his compatriots. This means that the immense power of the Paw-Paw fruit can never be used again.

9/10 Morley does as she is told

Morley of the Revolutionary Army

Morley may be one of the strongest members of the Revolutionary Army, although she has never shown any deep signs of intelligence. Usually following orders from superiors or even comrades, Morley puts raw strength and an incredible Devil Fruit to good use.

To Morley’s credit, she is extremely talented at creating. For example, she single-handedly formed the layer of Impel Down that Ivankov and the citizens of the New Kamabakka Kingdom were trapped inside. This illustrates that while Morley may not be a leader or tactician, she is an amazing artist with a brilliant and useful creative vision.

8/10 Inazuma is Ivankov’s chief advisor

One Piece - Inazuma

Inazuma is Ivankov’s best advisor, an important part of the Kamabakka Kingdom. Their scissor-based Devil Fruit allows them to cut anything; when used to their full extent, they made a bridge for Impel Down’s escapees to cross.

Considering that Inazuma did not criticize Sanji’s presence in the Kamabakka Kingdom despite his warlike attitude, their intelligence and restraint is strongly inferred. Inazuma’s preference for silence is not due to a lack of something to say, but rather a preference to observe and make his opinions well-informed. Such conservatism makes them an excellent foil for Ivankov’s outrageous personality.

7/10 Hack is an experienced Fish-Man warrior

Fish-Man Hack in one piece

Hack was one of the few characters to fully master Fish-Man karate. His age and experience give him a significant advantage over other members of the Revolutionary Army, especially seen through the techniques he helped give Nico Robin.

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Considering that Hack once competed for the Donquixote family’s Flame-Flame fruit, he understands the extent of Ace’s power and importance behind obtaining it. He wasn’t jealous that Sabo finally obtained the Flame-Flame fruit for himself. Instead, he was simply grateful that it didn’t fall into the wrong hands, such as Jesus Burgess.

6/10 Betty is excellent for raising morale

Belo Betty One Piece

Betty’s leadership surpassed many others. When Blackbeard’s pirates terrorized an overtaxed village, she did not intervene even though she was fully capable of doing so. Instead, Betty insisted that the villagers defend themselves and used her power to increase their resistance.

Forcing the villagers to stand up for themselves had several advantages. For example, it gave them the confidence they needed to resist when the revolutionary army is not around to help them. Furthermore, it might entice them to join the Dragon’s forces, especially since they were already suffering under the tyranny of the World Government.

5/10 Koala is a talented survivor

Koala One Piece

Once enslaved by the sky dragons, Koala quickly adapted to a harsh life after being freed. Her tumultuous upbringing gave her considerable practical experience and made her the revolutionary army’s foremost agent.

Koala showed patience and thoughtfulness as she taught Robin, adapting her fighting style based on the woman’s learning preferences. Koala’s ability to keep an eye on Sabo illustrates how she realizes his importance and that if the Revolutionary Army is to survive, they must do so as a cohesive unit.

4/10 Sabo served dragon ever since childhood

Sabo - One Piece

Sabo’s wealthy background gave him a more formal education than other members of the Revolutionary Army could hope to afford. Additionally, he joined Monkey D. Dragon at a fairly young age, meaning he has an advantage in both academic and practical experience.

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Sabo illustrated the extent of his cunning when he infiltrated Dressrosa and took Luffy’s place in the Colosseum games. His only great act of judgment was sparing the life of Jesus Burgess, when the Blackbeard Pirates later attacked the Revolutionary Army’s base and forced them to relocate. Still, Sabo’s recovery of the Flame-Flame fruit illustrated that no goal is beyond his reach.

3/10 Nico Robin is wanted by pirates all over the world

Nico Robin as she appears after One Piece's time jump

Nico Robin’s intelligence is coveted by pirate crews across the New World. Being one of the few characters capable of translating pone glyphs, there is no member more indispensable to the Straw Hat crew, even including Luffy himself.

Robin proved her skills as a talented spy when she infiltrated the Baroque Works organization and Orochi’s court in Wano. Her only judgment was to surrender to Spandam and hope he would honor his word to spare her friends.

2/10 Ivankov succeeds in most of his endeavors


Despite Ivankov’s flashy presentation, he often succeeds in getting what he wants. It was suggested that he could have escaped Impel Down at any time and remained there voluntarily since the Revolutionary Army had not yet made its move.

Perhaps Ivankov’s greatest talent is his ability to establish connections. In addition to earning the Dragon and the Whitebeard Pirate’s favor, Crocodile also owes him an undisclosed debt. This means that Ivankov may be able to influence the Cross Guild going forward.

1/10 Dragon is the most wanted man in the world

Monkey D. Dragon in one piece.

The leader of the revolutionary army and the most wanted man alive, Monkey. D Dragon has survived the world government’s most aggressive agents. He also cares about his family, as seen when he stopped Smoker from arresting Luffy at Loguetown.

Dragon’s greatest feat of intelligence is his ability to recover from any situation. Whether rescuing Kuma from Mary Geoise or using the Kamabakka Kingdom as his new base of operations after Blackbeard’s attack, few characters can attest to a similar amount of ingenuity. In the end, the Dragon’s organization has suffered relatively few casualties for the significant damage they have inflicted on the World Government.

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