Omori: The Best Skills, ranked

Omori: The Best Skills, ranked

Omori is a role-playing game (known as an RPG) created in the RPGMaker engine and puts players in control of a teenage boy named Sunny, who is locked up. Players can take control of him and his alternate avatar in his dreams, known as Omori, and go on all sorts of strange adventures in both worlds.

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There are all kinds of skills that a player will be able to use and equip on their team during gameplay, but not all of them are good. Some of them are considered to be much better than others and can really help to be as effective as possible in dealing with enemies.


7 Hack away

Omori - Rome

Hack Away is a skill that Omori can unlock at a relatively early level – it can be available from level 10. Essentially, Hack Away will make Omori attack three times, and each hit will land on random enemies.

However, what makes this skill particularly strong is that if a player uses Hack Away when there is only one enemy, all three hits will be dealt to them. In other words, Omori will attack three times in one turn on an enemy; this in turn means that the enemy is hit with three times the damage as a single shot.

6 Stare

Omori - Gator Guy

Stare is not a skill that players can use to deal damage to enemies; However, it is highly recommended for a player to put this on Omori as soon as possible. This skill is unlocked a bit later, with level 25 being the minimum a player can use it.

Stare is great for letting a player set up for stronger and more powerful attacks, because it will reduce all the stats of a chosen enemy. This means that things like defense and attack will be reduced on the enemy – they deal less damage and toe more damage.

5 Sad poem

Omori - Pier

Sad Poem itself is really nothing special. It’s a basic skill that a player will immediately be able to use at the beginning of the game, without having to unlock it – when used, Omori will inflict the sad feeling on a chosen friend or foe.

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Sad is an emotion that will increase the chosen character’s defense, but at the same time decrease their speed. Using Sad Poem can actually help set up a great team for the player – for example, the Stab skill ignores the enemy’s defense if Omori is currently sad.

4 Run n’ Gun

Omori - Battle

Run n’ Gun is an awesome skill that Kel can use to build; it’s a pretty unique skill, but that’s what makes it good. This skill is unlocked when a player reaches level 9 with Kel, meaning a player can unlock it relatively quickly.

What’s unique about Run n’ Gun is the fact that this attack will deal damage based on Kel’s speed and not his attack. This means that if a player builds their Kel fast enough, they can legitimately take down enemies in one shot with the Run n’ Gun – plus having Speed ​​is always beneficial to a player.

3 Flex

Omori - Passport

Flex is one incredible strong move to set up with when it comes to using Kel. It’s not a skill that a player can unlock as they level up, but instead has to learn it from a specific character in the game – it’s more than worth it to do so.

When Kel uses Flex, the hit rate of his next attack will be almost guaranteed, and the damage he deals will also be increased by 2.5. This means that, no matter what attack Kel lands, it’s going to be a real hard hitter, and it is very strong for one-shot teams.

2 Headbutt

Omori - Inventory

Headbutt is a skill that Aubrey can use, and must be taught to her by a certain character named Berly. Many players agree that Headbutt is a great skill to use with Aubrey, especially when she’s angry.

Essentially, Headbutt will cause her to deal a large amount of damage to the enemy, but will also deal damage to herself (up to 20% of her HP); damage increases when she has Angry on her. Although it comes with the disadvantage of dealing damage to Aubrey, Headbutt is a pretty strong attack that unlocks early, and thus can be used for a while.

1 Last resort

Omori - Rock

Last Resort is Aubrey’s strongest skill – it’s the very last skill that a player unlocks, at level 30. Many players agree that this is one of the best skills in the game, and it’s not hard to see why.

Essentially, Aubrey will deal insane amounts of damage, based on how much HP she has at the time, but will reduce her HP to 0 at the end of the attack. Although it results in her death, many players have been able to one-shot stronger enemies – and even bosses – by using Last Resort at full health.

Omori is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S and Mac operating systems.

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