No End to FTX’s Troubles, Crypto Exchange Claims It’s Been Hacked, $600M ‘Transferred’

No End to FTX’s Troubles, Crypto Exchange Claims It’s Been Hacked, 0M ‘Transferred’

According to reports, cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which has recently been making headlines for its troubles, has now been hacked and more than $600 million in crypto has been “transferred”.

The “transfers” come on the same day that FTX formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after allegedly losing billions of dollars in user payments. The transfers have not been officially approved by FTX management.

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According to Coindesk, the incident happened on Wednesday. Although there is not much information available about what happened, the company announced that it had been hacked on its Telegram channel and advised customers to avoid installing new updates and delete any FTX apps as well.

“FTX has been hacked. FTX apps are malware. Delete them. Chat is open. Do not go to the FTX website as it may download trojans,” said a forum administrator in the FTX Support channel.

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The message was then allegedly pinned by FTX General Counsel Ryne Miller.

Miller had previously tweeted that he was “investigating wallet movement abnormalities related to consolidation of ftx balances across exchanges.”


In another tweet on Saturday, Miller said the exchange was expediting the move of all digital assets into cold storage “to reduce damage from observing unauthorized transactions.”


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Cryptocurrency wallets that are not online are referred to as being in “cold storage”, these are used to ward off hackers.

According to a Reuters report citing data from Singapore-based research firm Nansen, there was a one-day net outflow of about $266 million, with $73 million drawn from FTX US alone.

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