Nier Automata worst items in stores

Nier Automata worst items in stores

While we play Nier Automata, players will come across a handful of vendors they can purchase items from. The in-game currency comes in the form of gold, simply referred to as G. Gs abound in Nier Automataespecially if players take the time to do and complete side quests.

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That doesn’t mean players should still waste Gs. There are many items, powerful weapons and materials in the game that are worth buying. This is what players should save their Gs for. This also means that there are items in the game that players shouldn’t bother buying, as they can easily be obtained elsewhere, or simply aren’t worth the Gs at all.


7/7 Non-HP recovery consumables

Most of the merchants in Nier Automata sell consumer goods. This includes recovery items, status cures, and consumables that give the player temporary buffs. It is highly recommended that players save their G’s for the health recovery items. Even better, they should save it for large and full recovery consumables.

Players will have no problem stumbling upon consumables while playing through Nier Automata, which makes buying them a waste of Gs. Status effects also rarely occur in the game, and when they do, they are rarely detrimental to gameplay.

6/7 HUD chips

There are vendors in this modern JRPG who sell chips that are only for changing the heads-up display. Aside from a few unique ones like HUD: Sound Waves and HUD: Fishing Spots, players already begin the game with every HUD tile they need. These can also be turned off by unequipping them, making HUD tiles ultimately preferred.

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Considering all this, buying HUD chips is unnecessary and a waste of Gs. HUD: Sound Waves and HUD: Fishing Grounds are situationally useful, but players can do without them. But if they want to try them out, they are free as long as they have enough Gs to spare. Otherwise, there are so many more elements in the game that deserve their hard-earned Gs.

5/7 Regular low level chips

Players should avoid buying the regular low level chips some sellers are selling. The chips that players will see being sold by certain vendors are from base level to +2. These chips can be easily obtained by doing quests and defeating enemies. These common low-level chips include Weapon Attack Up, Ranged Attack Up, Melee Defense, and Range Defense, among a few others.

The rule players need to keep in mind here is that if they have an abundance of low-level chips in their inventory from exploring and doing quests, they shouldn’t bother buying them from vendors at all. This may be a need some players will have if they are thinking about melting chips. They should just farm for them instead, which shouldn’t take much time.

4/7 Mock up

Taunt Up is a plug-in chip that is not as common as others such as Weapon Attack Up and Melee Defense. This may encourage some players to buy them from sellers. However, this is not recommended for a very specific reason: the Taunt Up plugin chip does not stack. Players will really only need one to three of these, which they can acquire by simply playing the game naturally.

Players will receive a Taunt Up plugin chip by completing the Lord of the Valley side quest in the Forest Zone. It can also be farmed from Medium Flyers in the desert. With this chip, players are able to taunt enemies, which increases the player’s damage, but also increases the enemy’s damage.

3/7 Thick dictionary

The Thick Dictionary is a necessary crafting material to upgrade two of the three pods, making the Pod programs more powerful. This is the only use for this crafting material other than being sold to vendors for 5000 Gs. All told, players need six thick dictionaries just to fully upgrade the two pods that need it.

This crafting material can be obtained by completing the Heritage of the Past side quest or as random loot from the desert area. It can also be farmed from small bipeds, a very common enemy in the game. This is the best way to acquire six thick dictionaries in the game. Some merchants, however, can sell them for as much as 10,000 Gs. That’s a huge amount for a resource that players can farm from a very common enemy.

2/7 Common craft materials

There are tons of crafting materials in there Nier Automata that players can farm from enemies that are easy to find and defeat. Players can also purchase these common crafting materials from vendors. These materials include amber, copper ore, crushed nut, dented plate, iron ore and more.

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Instead of buying these crafting materials, players can easily farm them by seeking out the enemies that drop them. These enemies are as common as these resources. Defeating them is also easy. On top of that, players gain more other materials while farming, such as Gs and exp, making this process more worthwhile.

1/7 Death Rattle

The Death Rattle is a hacking token that players can purchase from Devola and Popola. It costs 5000 Gs, and it only serves one purpose. This chip causes machines to cry out loud if killed via hacking. There are three reasons why players should not bother buying this chip. First, it has no bonus from a combat point of view. Second, it’s a waste of plug-in slots. Finally, it is a waste of Gs.

Players who can find joy in hearing machines emit death cries upon death may find this piece appealing. However, not many people carry this feeling. Players should simply save their Gs for something else.

Nier Automata was released in February 2017 and is now available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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