NieR: Automata – How to open locked chests

NieR: Automata – How to open locked chests

2017’s JRPG hit Nine: Automata has achieved the seemingly impossible task of launching on the Nintendo Switch with the experience intact despite some visual cuts. For those who don’t know, Nine: Automata is the follow-up to Nine: Replicantbut although the stories have many connections, Vending machines is enjoyable as a standalone experience.

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Like its predecessor, Nine: Automata has many secrets and mysteries to uncover to understand the story and gain access to areas and items that seem impossible in one playthrough. One of the game’s more perplexing elements is its apparent impossibility open chests inside Nine: Automata.


How to open chests in NieR: Automata

Nine: Automata has multiple endings and alternate outcomes where areas and items only become available after completing the first ending i Nine: Automata. This layout also applies to the in-game chests found as soon as 2B arrives at the city ruins. Unfortunately, 2B cannot access the chests because she lacks the hacking skills required to open them.

Only in a second playthrough – route B – can the chests be opened because they are now playing through the game as 9S. 9S can hack chests after the player completes a minigame. The mini games are like old-school bullet hell shooters with 8 Bit style sound effects and music.

How to easily beat the hacking minigames

The hacking mini-games may seem more challenging than the main battle. But struggling players can lower the difficulty to Easy mode will help, thanks to the plug-ins exclusive to it. Also, no associated achievements are linked Nine: Automataits level of difficulty. So it won’t hurt a trophy hunter’s chance to get all the trophies/achievements on PS4 and Xbox One.

There is no shame in switching to Nine: Automata‘s Easy mode to access the following plugins. Especially if they turn out to be too repetitive and difficult, but luckily there is an easy solution to defeat the hacking games using the following instructions:

  • Buy 1 Auto-Evade from the item shop for 500G.
  • Buy 1 Auto-Fire from the Item Shop for 500G.
  • Access the in-game menu and select Skills.
  • Select Plug-In Chips.
  • Select Set Type A.
  • Select Customize.
  • Players can now customize the speed of auto fire and auto dodge to their liking.

Using the above method works for bullet hell style minigames and will make short work of the enemies. In addition to the above plugins, the player may want to consider purchasing the object scan chip to reveal the location of the chests on the map.

NieR: Automata is now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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