New Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 3 Walkthrough

New Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 3 Walkthrough

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  • Find materials to repair the device
  • Will Fran or Octavio heal Anu?

The second episode of New stories from the borderland ended with Octavio, Fran and Anu managing to escape the vault with their lives while also finding a treasure. There were several close calls along the way, but now they are in plain text.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t notice that Anu’s ID tag was left behind during their fight with the Devourer and is in the hands of Tediore, and it’s sure to come back to haunt them. This walkthrough will give players an idea of ​​what to expect as they go through the third episode in New stories from the borderland.


This walkthrough contains spoilers, so players should proceed with caution.

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The Green Shard

After Marcus finishes recapping the previous episode, the scene switches to the group taking a moment to catch their breath. After that, the trio decide to look into what they found. Fran and Octavio are more interested in how much money they can make from the shard. Anu is more worried about the reaction she had when she first touched it. While messing around with the shard, Octavio accidentally breaks his ankle and discovers that shard has some kind of property that allows it to heal wounds.

At this point, Octavio and Fran decide to test the shard to the limit by shooting each other and then using the shard to heal. They continue to do this despite Anu’s objections and finally insist that Anu try it by shooting one of them.

Who should Anu shoot?

New stories from the borderland players will have three options as far as who gets shot. Among these options are Octavio, Fran and L0U13. Of these options, filming L0U13 is not recommended as the shard does not heal any damage he takes. While getting angry with Anu, that choice does not affect the skateboard rating. For this walkthrough, Fran was shot and the shard had no problem healing her. No matter who the players choose, Octavio will get an idea.

A gun that heals

Octavio suggests making a gun that will use the shard to heal instead of harm people. Anu looks at the shard and realizes that she could fix her broken device and use the shard instead of the Eridium. As the conversation progresses, players will have the dialogue option to give credit to Octavio for coming up with the idea. Doing so improves the relationship between Octavio and Anu. Anyway, the device needs to be repaired before Anu can test it.

Find materials to repair the device

From here, players will be dropped into a free-roaming section where they can search for materials needed to repair Anu’s device. There are four elements that must be found to advance the storyand they are a bottle, tape, a fuse and a lens from the camera which happens to be inside the jukebox.

Before assembling all the parts, players should make sure to check the refrigerator in the back room. Inside the fridge is the guy (who is simply referred to as Superfan) from episode 2 that Octavio met in the Vaultlander battle.

Although Anu was not the opponent he lost to, he insists on getting a rematch every now and then. If players manage to beat him, they get the Vasquez figure. Superfan then goes back into the fridge and players can continue searching for the other materials. Once all the parts needed are found, the last thing players need to do is to make the device work is to end it with a Super Science Slap. To test her new and improved device, Anu cuts her hand and then has to decide who will try out her device.

Will Fran or Octavio heal Anu?

Players will have the option to either have Fran or Octavio heal Anu. Whichever of the two grades is chosen, it will improve the relationship between them and Anu as depicted at the end of the episode. Regardless of who is chosen, the group discovers that the device works perfectly and Anu’s injury is healed. For various reasons, the group decides to try to start a business that makes healing weapons. But to do that they need money, and Octavio has yet another idea on how to do it.

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Sink or swim

It turns out that there is a popular show called Sink or Swim where inventors show off their latest creations in hopes of getting money to turn them into real products. The group decides that this is their best bet, and they sign up to participate in Sink or Swim. Unfortunately, the way is blocked by a security guard who has no intention of letting them in. The guard ends up being killed by L0U13 due to him having a bounty on his head. L0U13 offers part of the bounty. If players accept it, they will get some extra money to use on cosmetics. Whatever the players choose, the story will progress.

Inside the waiting room, the trio meet another contestant named Pierre. To change things in their favor, Octavio decides to hack Pierre’s invention while Fran distracts him. This results in a hacking mini-game, and if successful, players will cause Pierre’s invention to malfunction.

Deliver Pitch

Anu’s turn comes and she has to step up to present the unit alone without Fran or Octavio. She’s understandably nervous, considering how her pitch with Rhys went. Player selection doesn’t matter here as Finnegan, the host of Sink or Swim, rejects the idea of ​​a gun that heals people instead of killing them, and he drops Anu in a tank of water filled with sharks.

Fortunately for Anu, Octavio and Fran show up to save the day. Octavio hypes up the crowd as Fran dives in to save Anu. The rescue attempt is successful, but Anu loses a leg in the process. Anu’s device has no trouble healing her, and her leg ends up as good as new.

After seeing this device in action, a mysterious investor calls Finnegan and tells him they want to invest in Anu’s device. While the investor gives the trio $1,000,000, this is not money that players can use to buy cosmetics. After leaving the scene with their winnings, the group encounters L0U13, who seems to be struggling with his purpose as an assassin. He looks to Fran for advice, and New stories from the borderland players have a few dialogue options that can improve the relationship between Fran and L0U13.

Division of labor

Back at the ruins of Fran’s Froyo Shop, the trio devise a plan for how to get their business going. They decide to let Fran and L0U13 look for more employees while Octavio looks for a place to set up headquarters. Anu is in charge of finding a corpse to test her device on. There are no major choices to be made during this scene, so players just have to choose which dialogue options they prefer as the scene progresses.

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Find a body

The scene jumps to Anu going to the local morgue in hopes of procuring a corpse. This results in a misunderstanding with the Keeper, who runs the morgue and assumes Anu is there to buy some candles. Around this time, Keeper sees a wanted poster on TV for Anu and suddenly becomes much more willing to let Anu take a look around. This leads into the final free-roam part of Episode 3.

The goal of this freedom migration is to find a suitable body for the experiments. First, New stories from the borderland players must find the corpse’s head which is on the table. Then they will need to find a metal rod that is in the room as well.

Anu gets the idea to place the metal rod inside the decapitated body and attach the head to it. But before you do this, players should check the locker nearby, as the Superfan from earlier in the episode will appear and insist on another rematch. After beating him, players will receive a Vaultlander figure of Roland.

Unfortunately for Anu, her attempt to piece together a body is in vain as Keeper re-enters and says she has another body that would be perfect for Anu. This ends up being a trap, and Anu is pushed into a chest so that the Keeper can claim the bounty that Tediore has placed on Anu. With the goggles, Anu comes up with a plan to escape the coffin by beating it until the lid bursts, but it will take time. Once that scene is done, players have reached the end of the third episode.

New stories from the borderland is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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