New Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 1 Walkthrough

New Tales From the Borderlands: Episode 1 Walkthrough

New stories from the borderland will feel very familiar to players who played first Tales from the borderlands, as it follows exactly the same formula. Players will primarily watch a series of cutscenes while dealing with the occasional QTE (Quick Time Event), where they must press a series of buttons to overcome an obstacle.

During these cutscenes, players will also get to choose how to respond during a conversation, while also making choices that will have an effect on the story as they progress through the five episodes of New stories from the borderland. This walkthrough will help players through Episode 1.


This walkthrough contains spoilers, so players should proceed with caution.

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In the laboratory

After a traditional Borderlands opening scene narrated by Marcus, players will be introduced to the first of three playable characters they will encounter New stories from the borderlands. The first character is Anu, a scientist working for Atlas. After a series of cutscenes, players will enter the first free-roaming section, where they can explore the lab.

While the goal is to find the Eridium Shard, you may want to spend time opening other boxes and exploring. Just like in others Borderlands game, players can find money in all sorts of strange places, such as trash cans and boxes. Cash can be used to purchase additional outfits for playable characters, which is a cosmetic option that does not affect gameplay.

When players are ready to continue, they should do so examine the safe and enter the password; after that they shall lalso inside the toolbox. This is where Anu misplaced the Eridium sample she needed for her experimental equipment.

Once the players find Eridium, they must examine the device and find the place to insert the sample. The cursor will turns green when New stories from the borderlands players have found the right place. After completing this, a series of cutscenes will play, and after Anu leaves to be yelled at by the CEO of Atlas, the scene switches to another of the playable characters, Octavio.

Enter Octavio and Fran

The next series of cutscenes introduce players to the other two playable characters. First, players will see Anu’s brother, Octavio, and his Assassin bot friend L0U13. After a short scene with them, players will be introduced to Fran at her Frogurt shop (short for Frozen Yogurt).

As usual, there is a series of cutscenes where players choose how Fran reacts to what is happening around her. There is also a short QTE sequence where players must create a customer for Frogurt.

Meet Rhys

After completing this section, the game will once again jump back to Anu as she prepares to be thoroughly scolded. When she is shown inside, players will see the former main character from Tales from the borderlands, Rhys. Now the CEO of Atlas, he is not thrilled with Anu’s actions in an earlier cutscene.

Between that and feeling that Anu is wasting R&D money, he’s on the verge of firing her, but he wants to see what she’s been working on. New stories from the borderlands players will get to choose one of three targets to use her experimental device on.

It doesn’t matter which object is chosen, as all will make Rhys angry that Anu decided to zap it. It also doesn’t help that Anu has no way to return anything she uses her experimental device on. As a result of a failed experiment, Anu is fired on the spot, and the scene switches back to Octavio helping L0U13 with a job. If players help L0U13 fulfill the contract to kill the target, they will receive $2000 as a reward.

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Frogurt dispute

As Fran prepares for the upcoming inspection, she is visited by a guy named Hank, who claims that Fran owes him a protection fee. The situation becomes tense, and sooner or later (depending on what the players choose to do), Hank and Fran fight.

This is where players can create first major election of the game that will have a significant impact on the story. New stories from the borderlands players can either smash and kill the newly frozen statue of Hank or let him slowly thaw out as a means of teaching him a lesson. This choice affects an upcoming sceneso the players have to think carefully about what they want to do.

From bad to worse

After Hank is treated, players will switch to Anu, who is trying to process the bad news. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have long to do so, as another corporation known as Tediore has appeared and is attacking Atlas and the planet Promethea. Since Anu’s brother is on the planet, she wants to go down and make sure he’s safe. However, that will be difficult to achieve as Atlas HQ is crawling with Tediore forces. Players will obtain the first Vaultlander figure from Anu’s friend Phuong as they progress through a series of cutscenes.

Back on Promethea

After a few more cutscenes and a rough landing for Anu, New stories from the borderlands players will take back control of Octavio in another free-flowing section. To continue with the story, players must do so scan all nearby characters. But before that it is recommended to open up all the boxes and other containers to get some easy money.

Once this step is completed, players must talk to Paco as he needs help with a small task. He has a missing pet Ratch and he needs help finding it.

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To find the lost Ratch, Juniper, players must first examine the damaged wall next to Radon. After doing so, players can talk to Radon and convince him to blow up the wall, which frees Juniper in the process.

Paco is grateful for the help and provides the players with some useful executables. The first is one hacking tooland the other is one Vaultlander finder that will help alert players when a Vaultlander collectible is nearby.

After obtaining these programs, players will go through a tutorial for the hacker tool to repair the radio so that players can hear the emergency broadcast about the ongoing invasion of Tediore.

Insurance inspection

After repairing the radio, players will switch to Fran as she prepares for the agent to come by to approve or deny her insurance claim. To get the claim approved, players must give a full tour of the Frogurt store. Players should examine the ruins in the far left corner during this free-roaming section. After doing so, they will have the opportunity to destroy it.

Under the ruins is a Vaultlander figure which players can add to their collection. After showing the damage and telling the agent, Reba, that there is nothing else to show, she wants to see the back room and won’t take no for an answer.

If Reba sees it New stories from the borderland players chose to freeze Hank earlier in the episode instead of killing him, she will be impressed and approve the claim, which gives the players $3,500.

Fight in the streets

After the insurance claim is denied or approved, the game will jump back to Octavio and his friends witnessing the invasion of Tediore. After a series of cutscenes and dialogue choices, players will eventually get to choose which friend they call to help deal with the Tediore boss.

Once the choice is made and the boss is dead, players must go through several series of QTEs, and the game will again change to Anu as she wakes up from crash landing on Promethea, a location featured in Borderlands 3and manages to make friends with a local.

After several cutscenes and a couple of QTEs, the game will switch back to Fran as Octavio and L0U13 enter looking for a place to hide from Tediore. This doesn’t work, as Tediore can apparently track them due to the radio Octavio stole from the dead Tediore commander.

This leads to a good introduction for a character that can be added to the list above Borderlands antagonists, along with the explosive finale of the first episode in New stories from the borderland. Unlike the previous one Tales from the borderlandall episodes are available at launch, so players can jump straight into episode 2 if they wish.

New stories from the borderland is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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