New Switch Games Released This Week | 30. January

New Switch Games Released This Week |  30. January

What’s new on Nintendo Switch this week?

What’s new on Nintendo Switch this week? What new releases will join the massive library on the Nintendo eShop? Are the dark days of winter finally giving way to a glimmer of hopeful video game magic? Admittedly, it’s a damn good week for video games and Nintendo Switch players are being treated to a couple of dozen new options for fun, so let’s see what’s new, shall we?

It’s actually a big week for old games being re-released on the Switch, as there are a few ports headed to the hybrid console that have already matured elsewhere. One such game is Trek to Yomi, the black-and-white 2.5D hack-n-slasher that sets players in feudal Japan on a quest for revenge. It was well received on other platforms and it will surely do well on Switch as well. Keep an eye out for this one if intimate indie is your bag.


RELATED: PowerWash Simulator Review – Clean Me Up, Scotty!Speaking of intimate, but definitely not indie, is the Square Enix-published Life is Strange 2. Again, this one has already had its time in the sun on other platforms where it was critically acclaimed. With an exciting story, a compelling cast and a very accessible art style, Life is Strange 2 is the complete package for those who want a slow-burn story.

And our final highlight is a game that has no right to be as good as it is: PowerWash Simulator. Players are given a variety of power washers and tasked with cleaning everything from a fire truck to Miss Hubbard’s boot-shaped house. It’s certainly an oddity, but it’s not without charm. The satisfaction that comes from turning a mucky playground into a pristine play area is hard to describe and really needs to be experienced to be believed. Also, this port (the game originally launched on PC and Xbox) is with a special mission: Lara Croft’s mansion.

New Nintendo Switch Games Coming This Week | 30 January – 3 February

Monday 30 January

  • backfirewall_
  • Pull to Yomi
  • Capybara madness

Tuesday 31 January

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake
  • PowerWash Simulator

Wednesday 1 February

  • Albacete Warrior
  • Gunscape
  • Rhythm bud

Thursday 2 February

  • Air Jet Fighter Combat – Europe Fly Plane Attack
  • Pixel Game Maker Series CAT AND TOWER
  • Oshiiro
  • Puzzle Bobble 2X / Bust-a-Move 2 Arcade Edition & Puzzle Bobble 3 / Bust-a-Move 3 S-Tribute
  • Radiant Flux Hyperfractal 4.0
  • The wayless
  • Jumbo Airport History
  • Exit Man Deluxe
  • Life is Strange 2
  • Fashion Police Squad
  • Sakura Cupid
  • Active DBG: Brave’s Rage
  • Cozy forest friends

Friday 3 February

  • Switch puzzles
  • Pets at work
  • Helvetii
  • Sports and fun: Swimming

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