New survey says most people use password managers, but have very little trust in them / Digital Information World

New survey says most people use password managers, but have very little trust in them / Digital Information World

The beauty of technology is that it makes your life super easy. When it comes to password managers, you’d be surprised how many internet users actually include them in their everyday lives.

Not only is the figure shocking, but a new study highlights another very important aspect related to the whole ordeal. And it has to do with it being a useful but unreliable tool.

The news comes to us thanks to a new survey from Tech Radar. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, nearly 750 were outlined to use the tool. Also, most people revealed how they can use it, but they have very little confidence in it.

This is when it comes to keeping your personal data safe. Yes, it is useful in the sense that it adjusts all your logins and passwords. But keeping those credentials in the best of hands isn’t easy, and you just don’t seem too sure about it. People claim that it is not safe, but again, they use it thanks to the convenience it adds.

The survey then showed how a third of such people used combinations of dedicated managers with one that was integrated into the browser. Then another third talked about using one of these two. Meanwhile, just over a tenth mentioned that two dedicated password managers were the way to go, but a quarter added that they were not interested in such tools and therefore had no use for them.

Then came the time in the survey to add a score-linked password manager security. These results were not that impressive. 60% was the score that was more commonly seen by the 144 people involved in this survey. Then came the likes of 50% and 70%, which were again selected from 140 and 136 people.

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Now, these middlemen may be tied to so many recent stories showing password managers being hacked. Perhaps some of that was related to people becoming more and more concerned about privacy concerns like Apple and Google making it difficult for users to resist their offers. Some experts believed that the conflicting results may have little to do with the likes of low trust in businesses in general.

While some have confidence in big tech names, others not so much. Remember that big tech companies don’t have it easy. They have a reputation for managing and bad PR would definitely reflect badly on them.

These results were shown to go against the findings proven in another study from the past. They were contradictory as most individuals claimed not to use any password manager, to begin with.

Here, 75% said they use it, but that they don’t trust it as much as they’d like, so that says a lot. Meanwhile, another survey that was analyzed also showed that people were hesitant to use these tools as well. This may be one of the best explanations revealing why many users have weak and unreliable passwords at all.

Experts revealed how important it is to get your password game strong before it’s too late. And the tactics are very simple, for those who follow along.

But another aspect that we forgot to highlight is how the number of passwordless systems increases with each passing day. Today, the digital world wants to revolutionize the way we see things and the way we behave. This involves biometric systems such as facial recognition and even scanners that detect fingerprints.

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These passwords are being adopted by leading firms and it would not be wrong until they make their way into every aspect of the digital world. Then we don’t need such tools as a whole. What do you think?

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