New Saw Movie Eyeing Franchise Alum Shawnee Smith For A Comeback

New Saw Movie Eyeing Franchise Alum Shawnee Smith For A Comeback

Shawnee Smith once played one of Jigsaw’s little helpers, but her role in the tenth Saw film is obscured as new cast members join.

Shawnee Smith is one of the names doing the rounds So Xthe tenth part of Saw franchise, which is set to hit theaters in October 2023, just in time for Halloween. She will presumably reprise her role as Amanda Young.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Saw franchise—which now has more entries than A Nightmare on Elm Street and only three are missing Halloweenits thirteen entries – has been a steady little income for Lionsgate ever since the first film saw Cary Elwes chop off his foot in a filthy bathroom in 2004. That’s why fans always perk up when a new potential player enters Jigsaw’s deadly game.


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Deadline reports that Smith is “circling” So X as the film continues to assemble its cast. Smith played Amanda Young in the first three Saw films, surviving an inverted bear trap in the first and being thrown into a bathtub full of used syringes in the second entry before it was revealed that she had been helping Jigsaw ever since her first round with the killer. Smith is one of many who will join the new Saw movie with Tobin Bell, the Jigsaw killer, returning to the franchise he started. They are joined by newcomers Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand and Michael Beach.

What is being kept under wraps is whether Smith would reprise his role as Young, which would have been fan expectation. Even that leaves fans with questions since Smith and Bell’s characters are dead. They could return in the form of flashbacks to their past, which Saw franchise is known to double back in time. If Smith does play her killer character again, there are many possibilities for how she could return.

The basic premise for Saw the series centers on a self-made serial killer named Jigsaw, aka John Kramer (Belle), who, after a misdiagnosed terminal cancer, decides to take revenge on those around him who contributed to his soon-to-be demise. Through a series of deadly and elaborate traps, Jigsaw makes them realize how precious life is and fight their way out – or die trying. Amanda Young was a former victim turned assistant who helped the ailing killer set up his games until she was killed for being a full-on psychopath and making the games unwinnable. How this character fits in So X played near the west.

So X is set for release on October 27, 2023.

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Source: Deadline

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