New PS5, PS4 games launch this week (Nov. 21

New PS5, PS4 games launch this week (Nov. 21

What’s new on PlayStation Store this week? Is this week’s PlayStation Store update worth crawling out from under the warm covers, or is it best to hibernate until next week? The latter, frankly, but life dictates that we get up our asses and do things. Also, it’s not a completely terrible week…

For a change, we actually start the week with some new releases on a Monday. Normally, Mondays are barren, but this week’s PlayStation Store update kicks off with two games being added to the growing PlayStation library, although one isn’t brand new.


RELATED: The PS1 Mouse Unlocked a World of Gaming Possibilities in the ’90sReleased on PS4 back in 2020, Superliminal is finally getting a next-gen PS5 version. This updated release makes the first-person puzzle game run at 4K resolution and 60FPS. There are also a couple of new game modes: developer mode and challenge mode. If you already own the game on PS4, you will be upgraded to the PS5 version at no additional cost. There are worse ways to start the week.

The highlight this week for action fans comes in the form of Flying Wild Hogs’ Evil West, a third-person hack-slash shooter from the same fine folks who brought the Shadow Warrior trilogy to life. The game features a single player campaign that sees players take on the role of an agent in a top secret vampire hunting institute where the goal is to kill all evil and save the great states of America. Players can also team up to take on evil together in online co-op.

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And the final highlight has to be Nox Noctis’ Do Not Open, which releases this Friday on PS5 and PC. Yes, it’s an off-season horror game, but does that matter? It’s a terrifying psychological horror game that tasks players with hiding from monsters, solving puzzles and running for their lives. Oh, and the twist is that the escape room tasks are constantly changing. To learn more, read our preview and/or watch.

Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation this week.

New PlayStation Games Coming This Week | 21 – 25 November

Monday 21 November

  • Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams – PS5, PS4
  • Superliminal – PS5

Tuesday, November 22

  • Saint Kotar – PS5, PS4
  • Fool of Fools – PS5
  • Gungrave GORE – PS5, PS4
  • Just Dance 2023 Edition – PS5
  • Evil West – PS5, PS4
  • Prison Architect: Future Tech Pack – PS4

Wednesday 23 November

  • Finding the Soul Orb – PS5

Thursday 24 November

  • Cleopatra Fortune S-Tribute – PS4

Friday 25 November

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