New PS Vita browser exploit makes installing custom firmware easier than ever

New PS Vita browser exploit makes installing custom firmware easier than ever

Hacking a PS Vita has never been so easy.

Crafty hackers have developed and distributed a new PS Vita hacking method that gives PS Vita and PSTV owners the easiest method ever to install custom firmware on their consoles, all done in the system’s browser and without the need for a PC connection.

Traditionally, PS Vita and PSTV exploits have relied on hardware owners connecting the console to a PC and downloading a variety of programs. It’s a tricky business and with so many steps involved, most people just wouldn’t bother with the trouble. However, a new exploit has been released, and it doesn’t require hardware owners to fumble with cables, download programs, or fiddle with moving files around between their computer and console. Instead, the exploit is distributed directly from the PS Vita or PSTV browser. Users simply need to enter a specific URL into the console’s browser, and the hack works automatically to install custom software and firmware.


RELATED: 10 Rare Limited Edition PlayStation ConsolesObviously, this opens the door to potential piracy, which is why we’re not going to link directly to any resources in this article, although a little Google-fu will send would-be hackers on their merry way.

So, what is the benefit of hacking one’s PS Vita or PSTV console? Well, for one thing, there’s the ability to run custom homebrew software. These range from fan-made ports of old games from the past to simple functional additions, such as having a numbered percentage indicator next to the battery life meter. Tinkerers can also distribute custom file management software, replacing the need to use Sony’s rather poor built-in solution. The big attraction, however, is that with PS Vita custom firmware, one can also negate the need for Sony’s proprietary memory cards. There’s a nifty program called SD2Vita, which allows hardware owners to use regular microSD cards to save games, save files, movies, and more, instead of the PS Vita’s official memory card. Considering the console is now over ten years old, the official PS Vita memory cards are still ridiculously expensive compared to the price/performance of a regular SD card. Keep in mind that if this is something you’re interested in doing, you’ll need an adapter, although these are easy to find on Amazon and eBay.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you want to hack PS Vita easily and without using a PC, this method may not be around for too long. Sony is bound to take note, and sooner or later the platform holder will most likely release a PS Vita update that blocks the exploit. Why? Well, despite the console’s age, developers are still offering their software for the system via the PlayStation Store, and Sony must be seen to be doing the right thing to protect the interests of developers and publishers. So be quick if you want to get in while the window of opportunity is still open.

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