New job listings hint at future Apple Reality AR/VR software experiences

New job listings hint at future Apple Reality AR/VR software experiences

Apple is hiring software developers to design applications and experiences within its upcoming virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystems.

The promise of Apple entering the virtual reality and augmented reality technology space is one that has been floating around for years as rumors and teases about Apple Glass and Apple VR have floated overhead. However, a recent job posting suggests that Apple may finally be close to showing off something substantial. Job ads were recently posted on Apple’s careers page that not only specialize in AR and VR design, but also focus on software development, suggesting that Apple is looking for developers to create apps and experiences for some sort of AR/VR hardware .

Apple’s recent AR/VR software development positions were recently spotted by Bloomberg. In particular, Apple’s listing for a software maker was notable. The job calls for developers to work across art, design and engineering teams to create software using various Apple technologies, “including the augmented reality (AR) support offered in ARKit.” The listing also asks that potential candidates have “knowledge of computer vision concepts, augmented and virtual reality, 3D rendering engines, machine learning.”

The requirements for Apple's new Software Producer job listing.
Apple’s requirements for the new Software Producer job listing require applicants to have knowledge of AR and VR applications and design.
Source: Apple

In addition to the software maker above, Apple has also posted listings for engineers in the AR/VR space. There seems to be a focus on using the Apple App Intents framework to build development tools for VR and AR projects.

“We are looking for a software engineer to work with the App Intents framework to help design and implement solutions to unlock deep system intelligence, enable new developer tools, and facilitate new user interactions from application data models leveraged by a variety of systems. services like shortcuts, Siri, search and more,” one of the listings says.

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All of this bodes well for the future of Apple VR and AR. The company reportedly showed a prototype of its upcoming AR/VR headset to the board earlier this year. That said, hopefully the aggressive move to develop AR/VR software means Apple is pretty close to showing the rest of us what it has in store for the virtual reality hardware space in the near future. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for further updates.

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