New GTA Online update makes Tahoma Coupe car purchasable and disables Factory Raid Business Battle

New GTA Online update makes Tahoma Coupe car purchasable and disables Factory Raid Business Battle

After the successful launch of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, Rockstar seems to be pushing tweakable updates before the next weekly cycle.

According to a well-known insider Tez2 on Twitter, GTA Online has just received a new background update that makes the Declasse Tahoma Coupe purchasable for $1,500,000. It has also reportedly disabled the Factory Raid Business Battle for now amid multiple reports of a hacked Hack Panel.

The Tahoma Coupe was previously free this weekend as a reward for players’ participation in the Heists Challenge last month.

GTA Online players can now purchase the Declasse Tahoma Coupe directly from the site

#GTAOnline Update: – Tahoma Coupe is no longer free. Now available for purchase for $1,500,000 – Factory Raid Business Battle has been disabled due to player reports that the Hack Panel has been tapped.

As seen in the aforementioned post, Tez2 reported that the new GTA Online update today made the previously free Declasse Tahoma Coupe purchasable. Players can now purchase it from Southern San Andreas Super Auto’s website for a price of $1,500,000.

The new update has also temporarily disabled the Factory Raid Business Battle in GTA Online free mode as many reported bugs in the Hack Panel. For the uninitiated, it’s a free mode event where players have to steal items and deliver them to the nightclubs they own. Although no details have been shared about when it will be available again, the relaunch could take place shortly.

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The update comes after rumors of an upcoming Christmas event in 2022. Another insider WildBrick142 had previously shared a video clip of the snow event coming to GTA Online, presumably as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC this holiday season.

They reported brand new Snowmen collectibles and that players will have to destroy 25 of them to get The Snowman outfit. WildBrick142 suggested ramming over the snowmen with a vehicle or blowing them up with a weapon. They also warned players about a possible bug that could prevent them from unlocking the special outfit, saying:

“Oh, and beware, there’s a bug where sometimes destroying a snowman won’t register. You have to leave the area and come back for it to respawn.”

Snowmen collectibles “Permanent” only for the event. Destroy all 25 snowmen before the event ends to get “The Snowman” outfit. You can destroy them however you want, hitting them with a vehicle or blowing them up is most effective. [1/2]#GTAOnline

WildBrick142 also reported on several free items that players can expect to receive this year. According to them, fans can get a Candy Cane weapon and a Green Reindeer Beer Hat, along with the usual stuff.

For the new year, they suggested that the community can get silver, gold and rainbow New Year glasses and Yellow Holly Beer hats apart from the same free materials.

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While Rockstar Games has not confirmed any leaks regarding the snow update yet, the community expects it to go live as soon as this week. It is believed that the developers will soon share official information about it via a Newswire post.

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