New Android apps: Discover the hidden gems

New Android apps: Discover the hidden gems

Apart from adding a dash of refreshed energy to your smart gadget, these cool Android apps can give even some of the best in the business a serious run for their money.

Hit! Hit! New Android Apps is in store! Are you aware of these hidden gems? Probably not. It is quite evident that almost daily amount of new Android apps are listed in Google Play Store. But do all of them require a detailed discussion? Absolutely not. Rather, only a handful of them are worth mentioning.

But among the sea of ​​new Android apps out there, we’ve rounded up some really cool ones. These are refreshingly new, manage to tick many right boxes and come in very useful at times, to facilitate a seamless performance of your device or offer a dose of revitalizing entertainment to take care of your monotony or boredom.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the pool of these cool Android apps, all of which are freshly minted. You’re welcome!

Cool Android Apps

You can try these new Android apps without hesitation. They may well manage to bring in a much-needed change in your otherwise monotonous Play Store journey. Come on, play along! [Image Credit: Freepik]

New Android Apps: Embrace the Cool Breeze

We have taken many important parameters into consideration before creating this list of the latest Android apps that you cannot afford to miss. And finally, the below mentioned managed to make it, thanks to their respective set of USPs. Now let’s go deeper with them.

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In any case, the fan of puns has not diminished. And if you’re someone who loves to solve crosswords, scribble in newspapers every morning, then look no further. This gem of a pun is for you.

Wordicate is sure to rekindle your passion for intense brainstorming to figure out word-shaped mazes. Here you have to rearrange letters on a screen and the words will automatically fill in the blanks on the crossword section of the screen. The moment all the boxes are filled, you will emerge victorious.

With effortless ease, you’ll be able to track your score and gradually advance to the next round. Also, there will be no shortage of levels along with exciting things like leaderboards, adding spice to the fun.

Wordicate is certainly one of the most interesting Android apps to come out lately. The fact that it is completely free and does away with all kinds of in-app purchases is a cherry on top.


Even if you are not a conservationist, Energio will be a very handy app for you. Because it makes it easier to track your energy consumption seamlessly. It has a number of smart functions on the table that allow you to monitor your daily use of electricity, water and gas.

Using this information, you can easily estimate your energy costs and manage them with almost no problems. It is also possible to add measurements directly from energy meters.

In a nutshell, Energio is one of the coolest Android apps out there right now, and at a time when we’re desperately trying to find new ways to combat the global energy crisis, it makes a perfect companion for anyone willing to contribute to that cause .

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Resonance of the sea

Resonance of the sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful game that acts as a great stress buster. Here you roam around an island while collecting various things that have washed ashore. You have to collect them and make instruments using them. These instruments unlock sounds from the ocean, which are probably the most relaxing sounds you’ve ever heard in your life.

The sounds are truly soothing to the ears and mind. Brilliantly combined with fantastic hand-drawn graphics and simplistic gameplay, Resonance of the sea manages to provide a wonderful experience.

Even if you are not a game geek who would be immersed in one Steam tiresyou can’t help but fall in love with Resonance of the sea. It doesn’t cost you a single penny to start and comes with absolutely no in-app purchases or ads that become a spoiler.


Trendio happens to be a unique customer as it travels freely between a shopping app and an entertainment app. It boasts a bunch of videos from brands, showcasing various beauty products.

Here you will see a glimpse of influencers who use the products. This allows you to get a fair idea of ​​how they work and look.

Although the app may feel like an advertisement at times, it is actually extremely useful. From live events where you can catch products used in real time, to a variety of brands represented on the app, Trendio has a lot to offer. It is completely free to use and does not roll out any in-app purchases.

You can try these new Android apps without hesitation. They may well manage to bring in a much-needed change in your otherwise monotonous Play Store journey. Come on, play along!

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In the meantime, if you’re a bibliophile, check out our list of some of the top-notch ones apps for book lovers currently available. Happy reading!

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