Nadeshot defends Aydan amid Warzone 2 accusations from the “sus” clip

Nadeshot defends Aydan amid Warzone 2 accusations from the “sus” clip

Published: 2022-11-27T13:42:33

Updated: 2022-11-27T13:42:42

Former Call of Duty pro Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has defended streamer Aydan against hacking accusations after a Warzone 2 clip was described as “sizzle” and provoked online discussion.

The first WZ, despite improvements after the introduction of RICOCHET in December 2021, saw its entire life cycle marked by the prevalence of cheating at all levels of play.

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Fortunately, Warzone 2 has experienced far less hacking and cheating than its predecessor. Regardless, a number of prominent and talented players continue to face unfounded hacking allegations for their gameplay.

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A well-known case was that of Nadia, who faced countless accusations from the community before the whole affair culminated in a bizarre false proposal from the Censor.

Now “hackuses” have found their way to Aydan, a former Fortnite pro who streams Warzone 2 with huge success.

Nadeshot defends Aydan amid Warzone 2 hacking allegations

A clip of Aydan locking onto a sliding enemy and quickly eliminating them emerged on social media, with some claiming it was evidence of cheating.

However, 100 Thieves founder and former CoD pro Nadeshot has now defended Aydan.

“This clip of Aydan has gotten the comments so pushed,” Nade said in a TikTok. “‘Aydan cheats, Aydan uses a Cronus.’ Guys, this morf**ker is flying in a straight line with the parachute out. He walks so slowly. He started to reverse as the first couple of hit markers started to connect, but other than that this isn’t a hard shot to hit.

A Cronus is a device that attaches scripts to a controller, allowing players to control recoil more or fire faster. They are notoriously difficult to detect and are regularly thrown at talented players in hacking accusations.

Nade continued: “It’s Call of Duty man, this game has been the same for years. Yes, time to kill in Warzone 2 is a bit faster, aim assist is a bit broken. It is [always] been this way, we need to stop having the same conversations.”

Aydan himself has not responded to these specific accusations, but has previously mocked the claims regularly, joking that he goes live with cheats and other lines.

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