Most immersive horror game

Most immersive horror game

Video games are a great medium for transporting players into a virtual reality and completely immersing them in another life and universe, with detailed graphics, captivating stories and engaging world-building.

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Horror game are perfect for getting the blood pumping and giving players the adrenaline fix they crave – great for lifting the spirits or getting the soul to leave the body entirely. Here is some of the most immersive horror games if the players are brave enough to handle them.


10/10 PT (Silent Hills)

An image of the nightmarish corridor seen in the PT demo, complete with logo

The fear of the unknown is a characteristic used in many horror games, with Silent Hills PT is no exception. This playable teaser gave players a small glimpse into the sequel’s potential and proved that games don’t need to be long to still be immersive.

From the beginning, PT has an ominous atmosphere as players wander around in a mindless and disorienting loop of corridors. PT is vague at the best of times, which makes it all the more terrifying as the player hears eerie radio messages and a mysterious crying baby. Along with the claustrophobic environment, the player can feel like the world is closing in on them with no way out.

9/10 Visage


Visage is one of the scariest modern horrors to date and a game some fans say is the spiritual successor to the canceled one PT It’s a first-person psychological horror set in an ever-changing house that has seen countless deaths, demonic possessions, and other disturbing horrors.

Darkness plays a big role Visageworld-building, with the player seeing ghostly overseers lurking in the shadows as he completes tasks. Visage offers jump scares and gore galore, setting the tone for an unsettling atmosphere while keeping the player on the edge of their seats.

8/10 Little nightmares

Sneak around Little Nightmares

Little nightmares is a gothic yet whimsical puzzle-platformer horror where players take on the role of Six, a little yellow-raincoat-wearing child stuck aboard the Maw, a ship full of child-eating and deformed enemies.

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Six must sneak and hide past the multitude of enemies that stand in her way, becoming increasingly destroyed as she dives further into the depths of the Maw. Little Nightmares’ dark fantasy art combined with the immersive world-building of giant enemies and larger furniture makes the player feel small and helpless and completely engulfed in this Tim Burton-esque universe.

7/10 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a classic that popularized the psychological horror genre and paved the way for many horror games that followed it. It places players inside the head of Daniel as he explores the Gothic Lovecraftian Brennenberg Castle and uncovers the terrifying secrets within.

What makes Amnesia: The Dark Descent so terrifying is that there is no combat, so players cannot defend themselves. When Daniel encounters deformed monsters lurking in the shadows, he must hide and use his wits to escape their claws or the face that is losing its mind.

6/10 SOMA


Another game from Fictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descentis SOMAreleased in 2015. This survival horror features the playable character Simon as he wakes up in an abandoned underwater facility with no idea how he ended up there.

SOMA is a game that messes with the player’s mind and scares them senseless without the need for abundant scares or overt violence. It has some philosophical themes that make the player question what it really means to be human, and it is a game that leaves a lasting impression on players long after they finish it.

5/10 Layers of fear

painting in layers of fear

Layers of fear is a first-person psychological horror that tells the story of a talented artist’s gradual descent into madness as he attempts to paint his magnum opus and life’s work. It is a truly immersive and gruesome gameplayand leaves the players trapped in the disturbing atmosphere.

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To do this, the player must explore his seemingly ordinary and endless mansion as it constantly evolves into a mysterious hellscape that truly explores the horrors of the human mind. Layers Of Fear features ominous music and the gradual deterioration of the environments is sure to immerse players and keep them hooked as they finally finish the artist’s masterpiece.

4/10 Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Based on the legendary sci-fi films of the same name, Alien: Isolation follows Amanda Ripley as she embarks on a journey to find closure for her mother and discover the truth behind her disappearance. She is not alone, however, as there is a terrifying Xenomorph stalking through the corridors of the Sevastapol trading station.

While exploring this abandoned space station, the player must collect resources to craft valuable items and hack their way through systems while avoiding the large alien creature. The only way Amanda can survive in Alien: Isolation is by hiding. But even that is not a guarantee; the titular alien has evolving AI to keep the player on their toes. If the player uses the same stealth strategies, it will eventually detect their location.

3/10 Resident Evil: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil game is the cornerstone of the horror genre, with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to be one of theirs most immersive horror titles. It introduces the Baker family as they unfortunately come under the influence of Eveline, a bioweapon capable of controlling human puppets using her form powers.

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Players control Ethan Winters as he infiltrates the Baker family home in search of his missing wife, Mia. In Biohazard, players must escape the Baker family, as Eveline’s form has given them cannibalistic tendencies and grotesque Eldritch forms. Players must sometimes rely on survival instincts and stealth to survive, with scarce ammo meaning they must conserve it and be careful and alert.

2/10 Phasmophobia

The Phasmophobia logo with an image from a campsite map in the background.

Phasmophobia is a unique foray into the horror game genre, with a first-person perspective and proximity chat using handheld radios. Taking on the role of a ghost hunter, players can work together or alone to perform specific tasks in haunted locations to uncover the ghostly apparitions that reside there.

To find out what supernatural being they are dealing with, Phasmophobia players must use the wide variety of tools at their disposal, from infrared cameras to alcohol cans. Spooky events can occur, such as moving objects or literal ghost hunts! When the ghost starts searching, the lights will flicker with eerie sound effects – the player must hide or be caught in the warpath of the ruling spirit.

1/10 Out last

Dr. Richard Trager in Outlast

Out last has often been made as one of those scariest games ever made. Players play as investigative journalist Miles Upshur and must enter and explore the abandoned psychiatric facility Mount Massive Asylum, where he meets several deformed patients with a penchant for bloodlust.

What makes Outlast so immersive is the incredible sound design and lack of combat. Players can hear the thundering footsteps of enemies echoing in the distance and the sound of their breathing nearby. Miles can only escape his pursuers by quietly sneaking around and hiding in closets or under beds.

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