Most Iconic Capcom Heroines, Ranked

Most Iconic Capcom Heroines, Ranked

Capcom is practically a household name, spoken with reverent pride by those who remember the days of platforming. In the 20th century, Capcom was known for its fighting games and science fiction content unlike other brands in the video game industry that used the fantasy angle.

Over the decades Capcom has been making games, they’ve also created some memorable protagonists, including many iconic heroines. It’s fair to say that Capcom has continued to push the envelope and take chances when it comes to art, design and gameplay.


7/7 Maya Fey – Ace Lawyer

Maya Fey from Phoenix Wright Cropped

Ace lawyer was a sleeper hit, and one of the first visual novel adventure video games to reach a larger audience. Maya has been an important part of the plot and story since the beginning, supporting the protagonist Phoenix Wright and lending him her psychic powers. Maya is part of a clan of spirit mediums, and she lends her powers to the story.

Maya was introduced when she was accused of her sister’s death, and Phoenix successfully defended her in court. After this, she becomes his legal assistant and takes part in practically all cases.

6/7 Roll Casket – Mega Man

shared image roll caskett megaman

Roll Caskett first appeared in Mega Man Legendswhich was released in 1997. She was a reboot of a character of the same name, who was also in the original Mega man video games.

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It wasn’t exactly a smooth transition from platformer to 3D, but at least fans appreciated the backstory and lore that was added as well. The main character, Mega Man Volnutt, is a Digger, which is actually a type of diver. He investigates the ruins of the past on the flooded earth they live on, and Roll is his Spotter. She appears consistently in both the games, other Mega Man media, and promotional materials.

5/7 Felicia – Darkstalkers

Felicia poses with her name

Players who liked Street Fighter franchise will also like Darkstalkers, which uses the same battle system but has some creative twists. The unique backstory and characters, which are based on fantasy horror, are a change from other fighting games.

Felicia was a furry before it was cool, and her look helped popularize the aesthetic. She is a Catwoman, to use the vocabulary of the game, and is one of ten playable characters that appeared in the first part released in 1996. When she is not fighting, she spreads happiness as a singer.

4/7 Amaterasu — Ōkami

Amaterasu from Okami with other key characters

It’s iconic artwork and design Ōkami it makes it such a memorable experience and the flagship character of this adventure is the sun goddess from Japanese mythology.

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The world of Ōkami is the Heavenly Plain, and Amaterasu lived there in peace with other supernatural beings until the evil Orochi appeared. In battle with him, the goddess fell into the mortal realm. This is the back story of the game and how the story begins.

3/7 Trish — Devil May Cry

Trish, Devil May Cry capcom

devil may cry made an impressive impact on the gaming world when it was first released in 2001, proving that hacks and slashes could also have some depth and detail. Trish is one of the heroines the series has had since its inception, appearing in every installment except the third.

Trish is a demon in human form, and her goal is to destroy her creator, Mundus, who also happens to be the Emperor of the Underworld. She turns to Dante for help, as his professional occupation is hunting demons for a living. She sometimes approaches Dante in disguise and even fights him.

2/7 Chun Li – Street Fighter

shared image chun li street fighter capcom

One of the most iconic characters from what may be Capcom’s most famous franchise, Chun Li from Street Fighter is one of the most recognizable faces of gaming, not just for Capcom, but for video games in general. Her first appearance was in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991, and she has been featured in all related media since then.

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Chun-Li was one of the main characters in the 1994 film and had her own live-action film in 2009, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Her backstory seems to change for every type of media she has appeared in. Some versions set her up as a love interest with the main character Ryu, for example, or make her a former musician. She is one of the few faces in video games that everyone can recognize.

1/7 Claire Redfield – Resident Evil

claire redfield resident evil capcom

Jill Valentine gets an honorable mention here, but when it comes down to it Resident Evil franchise heroines, the crown has to go to Claire Redfield. Like other characters who have legitimate backstories such as police, special ops or army, Claire is a civilian with a checkered past who seems to have a special talent for fighting zombies.

Starring in one of the greatest video games ever made, Resident Evil 2, isn’t Claire’s only claim to fame. Her bike and red jacket are as iconic as she is, hinting at her past as part of a gang, which would also explain why she’s so handy with all those weapons and survival tactics.

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