Most Dangerous Shinobi In Games, ranked

Most Dangerous Shinobi In Games, ranked

One of the best ninja characters in comics, TV, film and video games is Batman. He may not scream “I’m a ninja”, but his training definitely has a background in both martial arts and the shinobi realm. Batman is then an honorable mention for this list that doesn’t quite fit the more traditional ninja formulas.

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However, the true listings offer a wide range of experiences. Some names are classics that most video game fans will recognize, while a few are a little more on the obscure side. Known or not, these eight male and female shinobi are deadly, so it’s best not to mess with them.


8/8 Kisuke

There are two playable ninjas in the Metroidvania-like action RPG, Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Kisuke is a straight up ninja while Momohime is more like a ninja princess in training. Both are deadly in battle thanks to their array of mystical blades imbued with magical power.

They can do anything from creating spirals of wind to fire at enemies to defeating everyone in sight with the quick reveal of a blade. Both characters are ones most people want to stay away from, but Kisuke’s more classic style makes him the best choice for this list.

7/8 Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo is a recurring playable character in Samurai Warriors series. Both Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors get a lot of flak for being a repetitive hack-and-slash action game that can’t be denied. It can be fun in repetition, especially with a friend in cooperation.

Coming back to Hanzo, there is no questioning the strength of him or anyone else in these games as heroes can dispatch thousands of enemies without breaking a sweat. However, Hanzo is not very ninja-like in the game, which is why he is more towards the top.

6/8 Yuffie Kisaragi

The Final Fantasy series love ninjas from the classes in games like Final Fantasy Tactics to the main characters. Edge and Shadow would have been good choices to pick up from the SNES era, but there’s nothing like the tough girl of Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII.

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She didn’t get to shine much in the debut, but the remake’s DLC put the spotlight on her ninja skills. Now fans dream of the day when Yuffie gets her own spinoff like her friend Vincent did on PS2. This female ninja has many ninja weapons and magic to make short work of her enemies.

5/8 Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa is the most classic ninja in all of video game history. He got his start with the brutal Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the NES. Any ninja who can make it through these trials is god-like in nature. His subsequent trilogy made him even more badass, adding blood to the mix. It was a mature reboot for fans who grew up with this masked ninja. He is a strong competitor in this ninja arena match, but his skills dropped in the last post and others have surpassed him since.

4/8 Jin Sakai

Jin Sakai is the hero from Ghost of Tsushima which walks a fine line between a ninja game and a samurai game. It’s part of Jin’s internal conflict in the story. Should he follow the way of the samurai and honorably face his enemies in battle, or should he use stealthier measures to execute them in silence?

It’s a gameplay choice that affects the narrative in small ways, but it’s more impactful in the ending sequence. Whether he follows the path of the samurai or the ninja, Jin is a strong blade wielder.

3/8 The Raid

Raiden started out as an enemy of the fans in this series. Bait and trade his with Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2 caused quite a bit of controversy on the PS2. He was a bit of a lame duck in the first entry, but he became a cooler cyborg ninja in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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He got even better when he got his own spinoff via Metal Gear Rising where he could cut enemies into small pieces. This also included taking on machines and giant bosses. Raiden’s powers towards the end of this spinoff rival that of the more classic ninja of that series, Gray Fox.

2/8 Wolf

The hero in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice goes by many names, but Wolf is the most common. This ninja lived through death and was revived with a replacement limb that serves as many tools throughout the player’s journey.

There is a hookshot ability along with a flamethrower. To survive, players must sneak around with Wolf as best they can. As a typical game developed by FromSoftware, it is a challenging adventure. Besides the blade and tools, Wolf can also come back from the dead as a gameplay mechanic that not many ninjas here can boast of.

1/8 Scorpion

Scorpion beats Wolf ever so slightly because he has also come back from the dead. He has been resurrected from the underworld many times, mutating his once toned ninja body down to a demonic skeleton.

It’s hard to pick a favorite ninja from Mortal Kombat since the series is practically full of them. Sub-Zero is a close second, but Scorpion is the more classic choice. This is thanks in part to his iconic “Get over here!” scream as he pulls in opponents with a grappling arrow.

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