Most claustrophobic horror games

Most claustrophobic horror games

Many players play horror game for a thrill or an adrenaline rush; the atmosphere and surroundings add to the immersion for those who play it. The best horror games get under the skin of the player and make it hard for them to breathe and feel like they are living through the experience they are playing.

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Claustrophobia is the extreme fear of tight and enclosed spaces, and is a common trope used in both horror films and games. It’s the perfect foundation to make any player feel both despondent and immersed in the game they’re playing. Small areas can make players feel like they will be trapped in that area forever, instilling an unprecedented sense of dread. These eight horror games perfectly capture the essence of claustrophobia through their setting and plot.


8/8 Poppy Playtime

  • Available to play on PC, Android and iOS devices.

Set in a long-abandoned toy factory, players must survive the vengeful and spirited toys that have been left behind and forgotten. Players must use a GrabPack accompanied by two artificial hands to grab distant objects to press switches to solve puzzles, all with the feeling that they are being watched by an unknown entity.

One of Poppy Game Times‘ villain is a giant blue fluffy ragdoll named Fuzzy Wuzzy. Seems innocent enough, right? It has razor-sharp teeth set in an unnervingly unwavering grin and long spindly limbs that reach for the player. In an intense escape sequence, the player must squeeze through tunnels and pipes to escape the grip.

7/8 Observer: System Redux

  • Available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

In a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk world, players delve deep into the darkest corner of the human psyche. IN Observer: System Redux, players take control of Daniel Lazarski, an Observer investigator who uses dream eater to hack into the minds of suspects, dead or alive, creep into their dreams and reveal their deepest and darkest fears.

These twisted dreams can become nightmarish excursions into the subconscious of criminals as Daniel searches for clues to catch an elusive killer. The deeper players go into Observer: System Redux, the greater the risk of losing their sanity as they dread what’s to come.

6/8 BioShock

  • Available to play on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The submerged Utopia of Rapture i BioShock the universe can create a sense of foreboding and claustrophobia in players. BioShock begins with players as the sole survivor of a mid-Atlantic plane crash; they discover a bath sphere to take them into the great depths below, revealing the mysterious city of Rapture.

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The vast majority of BioShock is set indoors, which contributes to this sense of confinement as players have no escape beneath the murky depths of the ocean. The ruined city is filled with genetically modified and ADAM-addicted splicers that roam and attack anyone in their path. Players must kill these splicers and other creatures to survive and find a way out of Rapture.

5/8 SOMA

  • Available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

SOMA is a sci-fi horror game that will have players on the edge of their seats as they encounter horrors buried deep beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The radio is dead, food supplies are running low, with potential dangers lurking around every corner, including corrupt humans, sentient robots and other twisted creatures.

Instead of combat, players must be stealthy and careful, as each monster they encounter has different behavior and patterns, using elements of psychological horror instead of conventional jumpscares. The final moments of SOMA raise the philosophical question of what it means to truly be human.

4/8 The labyrinth

Labyrinth brings the horrors of being trapped in a hedge maze to life as the walls feel alive and closing in on the player. Labyrinth can be played with up to three other players or solo if players are feeling daring. They must work to solve complex puzzles, collect items and keep moving forward, as they are not alone inside this maze.

As players move towards the center of the maze, the labyrinthine walls will feel like they are closing in, as it gradually becomes more claustrophobic, giving a sense of immense dread and uncertainty.


  • Available to play on PC as a free download.

Armed with a flashlight and their wits, ROOM OUT throws players into a dark corridor, and gives the simple instruction to “destroy them all.” This simple task refers to mutant monster heads that the player must destroy in five separate areas. ROOM OUT is also “swollen” backwards, referring to these mutated creatures.

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The flashlight is realistically implemented, as it is a small beam of light that can be controlled using the player’s mouse to light the way. ROOM OUT creates an oppressive and stressful atmosphere, combined with the intense sound design, which makes players feel claustrophobic and desperate for a way out of the darkness.

2/8 Out last

  • Available to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Mount Massive Asylum is located in the remote mountains of Colorado, a recently reopened home for the mentally ill. Miles Upshur, Out lasthis playable character and investigative journalist, infiltrates the facility to record the horrors that await inside. Once inside, players will discover that their escape is just out of reach, and they must journey into the heart of the asylum, crawling through sewers and choking prison cells to discover the terrible truth.

Outlast is an authentic survival horror experience, with its setting and characters inspired by real asylums and cases of criminal insanity. Miles is not a fighter, armed with only his recording camera. If players want to survive the horrors of Mount Massive, they must hide under beds, closets, and small crawl spaces while hearing their enemies breathing heavily nearby.

1/8 Alien: Isolation

  • Available to play on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

IN Alien: Isolation, players control Amanda Ripley. She investigates her mother’s disappearance and comes across the same deadly creature that separated them. Underpowered and unprepared, Amanda must use her wits to scavenge supplies to get out alive. To get around safely, Amanda must crawl in total suffocating darkness and hide in vents to avoid the unknown threat lurking in the abyss.

The first-person camera perspective in Alien: Isolation creates the fear of the unknown, as the Xenomorph terrorizing the Sevastapol trading post could potentially be anywhere. It also creates an intense feeling of claustrophobia, as the player has no idea what danger lurks behind them.

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